Do you bring things for pets you sit?

I was thinking of bringing a leash when I sit dogs, because I previously did a sit where the leash was stiff and chewed up. I think the HOs didn’t mind, because the dog returned to them when called. She returned to me, but only because of treats. :bone:

Does anyone bring gear, treats or toys for sits?

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No but I might buy treats/toys while there although very rarely

No, as most home owners have very specific equipment and food for their pets, particularly dogs. We would hate to unwittingly change pet behaviour/undo training by introducing a different lead.

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So far the dogs I’ve sat have had nothing but a leash you clip to their collar — nothing special at all.

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Yes, I have a travel pooper scooper, tennis balls(new ball for new dog), freeze dried chicken (I ask if it’s okay to give), and a body leash with seat belt hook for car rides.


I have an assortment of brushes & combs that I like and know they work well. If you’ve never used a self-ejecting cat brush, you won’t know how nice they are!

also an extra large carabiner, to attach the leash to other things, like my reflective walking belt or the park bench I’m sitting on.

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I always bring a doggie seatbelt clip for my car.


As a sitter, I don’t bring things but have on occassion bought something that I didn’t think would offend the Pet Parent. Once I sat for an elderly kitty with that was badly matted and the owner didn’t know what to do. I was able to find a really good brush that didn’t hurt Mr. Cat and wildly blessed the Cat Mom, who hadn’t ever owned a cat. As for food/treats, I don’t change anything up as to keep the cat on routine. (I only do cat sits.) I do bring a cat card to leave as a thank you when I go.

As a HO, I had one sitter bring a bag of toys she got in a bundle somewhere discounted. It seemed over the top but was a sweet gesture and my cat actually still plays with some of them.

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Next time I cat sit in the U.S., I’m going to bring some new toys I’d actually bought for a friend’s cat. She lives overseas and we last saw each other in the Mideast. I bought the toys before the trip and then thought the better of it when packing, because I imagined myself having to explain to Middle Eastern TSA-type officials that I was bringing toys filled with catnip — and not some illegal substance — LOL.

We always bring a spare leash as we had one where the clip broke mid-walk once, so we have a spare just in case. We also bring biodegradable poop bags in a holder with a clip as it’s easier to clip on. We tend to have some form of natural treat on us, but only if it’s okay with the owner. We have a collapsible water bowl and lastly a doggy seatbelt clip. We have all of this left over from our foster dog, so we thought we might as well bring it with us and put it to good use.

This is a great idea just in case! Thanks for the suggestion.


Great to hear, Carla.

Yup, I was doing an overseas sit and their leash was chewed and fraying. If it suddenly broke, I’d be up a creek. I couldn’t count on controlling a poodle puppy across street traffic without a leash if we needed to get home. She was always pulling anyway, excited to hop everywhere like a little frog, LOL. Even getting a replacement leash would be a pain, because I was staying in a British village, without stores where I could buy a leash.

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@Maggie8K Yes that would be quite challenging. We feel the same as you so we always have a spare leash now as we worry if one broke again and the dog ran away or got into traffic etc!