Does it have any negative effect on who cancels the sit?


I’m wondering if it makes any difference if i as homeowner or the sitter cancels the confirmed sit?
Am i “punished” by the algorithm in the back somehow if i cancel compared to when the sitter cancels?

Had to do this now twice as confirmed sitter 1 dropped out due to not being allowed PTO, the second one was here yesterday but then said she was worried about her way to work.

Thanks for any insights

Paid Time Off, I guess.

Sitters cannot cancel a confirmed sit via the user interface. They need to ask the HO to do that. Or to ask Membership services in case the HO does not react etc.

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No, you are not “punished” in any way for cancelling a sit. Cancelled sits do not show up on your listing or history or anything in any way. Life happens and sometimes sits have to be cancelled for many reasons. As mentioned, a sitter cannot cancel a sit on their part, it must be done by the HO.

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@Rehspeck I would suggest that any sit that officially started stay in your dashboard so that a review can be done by both parties, if even only one day.

Ask MS to ammend the sit dates since neither host nor sitter can ammend after the sit has started.

Only hosts can unconfirm the sit. If they refuse to, you can through THS. But THS only “tracks” cancellations if they are disputed, so they won’t even notice. This, in the opinion of some users (me included) is problematic as if anyone – sitter or host – is cancelling more than would be expected, that’s a problem, and it would be better to track cancellations and the reasons for them.