Does Ring and Alexa count as a recording device?

Our last two stats have both had Ring doorbells and Alexa or smart home devices in the house. Do these count as recording devices? Should I alert the home owner to make note of it in the listing?

As a previous HO turner house sitter, I was totally unaware of the recording device policy until I started looking into it during my first few sits.

Hi @catlady and thanks for your question. With so many different smart home and recording devices it can be difficult to know what they all do. Here is a copy of the Help Desk information:

It does say regarding doorbell cameras (such as Ring):

We do allow devices fitted to the exterior of the property or doorbell that monitor the security of the outside areas such as the porch, driveway and garden.

But these still have to be disclosed to the sitter before the sit and in the welcome guide as follows:

However, all devices must be disclosed to a sitter before a sit starts, and an owner must display this information on their listing as well as their Welcome Guide.

I’m just checking with MS about Alexa and will report back here once I have some clarity.

All the best