Doggydaycare visits on a house sit

Recently our sits seem to have included taking the HO dog/s to doggy day care. There is a benefit to this as you, the HS, get a day off to explore things where dogs are not allowed. However, with the rising cost of fuel, if you the HS are in agreement to do this, should the HO pay you for your fuel when using your own car to do this task? Current one is 30 mile round trip!

Hello @TheFicks Your question brings me back to the point that’s stressed so much … communication. Ideally, the owners should detail any requirements in their listing. If they do show that they expected this to be done, then there should have been a discussion about the logistics and related expenses, especially if you do feel the owner should cover related expenses. Also, was day care offered as an option, rather than a requirement, with them covering the costs of the day care? If so, perhaps they saw that as a benefit to everyone.

I so often say that the awkward questions are the most important ones. You may want to reflect back and consider how this may change what you cover before confirming a sit.

If this requirement was not mentioned at all before confirming, remember you have a voice in the requirements of the sit, and the right to say that you did not agree to take the dog to day care, if that is your preference.

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Thank you for replying. Day Care is definitely on our question list going forward. We don’t mind at all if the daycare is local but in this case it’s a 1/2 hour drive each way.
We’re sure that it’s our call whether we go or not - as long as the pets in question are being well exercised and entertained. Otherwise it will cost us £7 per trip in fuel!!

Don’t you think 7 £ is not much to feel free all day (if day care is that long ? )without having the responsability of the dog and be able to do what you want ?

THS has given on its blog (or on the forum ?) prices asked by a pension per day, or a walker. 7£ sounds much less

May be there are nice things to discover around the pet care area. Could it be a good opportunity for you ??

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I think the key is to tell the sitter this before they accept the sit so they can decide whether there is value or not. For me, it would depend on the area and how often I had to take the dog to care. Once a week? Probably not a big deal. Every day? Probably too much.


Yes, for us it would also depend on the frequency and how much it would cost us in total during the whole sit. 4 x 7 USD would be 28 USD in total plus 2 hours driving, if I understand correctly. We have had a similar situation only once: we had to drive long distances to walk the dogs and got reimbursed the petrol cost in full. We didn’t ask for it, there was an envelope ready with about the right amount prepared already.

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