Done sitting dogs

Thank you. Very true. I think of all the places I sat with dogs only one had some training and they were small dogs. There is a lot of wishful thinking, especially with the larger dogs. It’s nice to see a responsible and caring dog owner.

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I have recently come to the same conclusion. Its not just the dogs, it’s their owner’s. I was recently on a difficult sit. The dog bit me within 2 hours of arrival. I was encouraged to leave. I hung in since I didn’t want a bad review. I got one anyway. It was so bad , I carried a cane for defense. She gave me a 2 start rating.


Totally agree. Cautious of dogs acquired in 2020. :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a horrendous situation @pashirley - I hope you left a truthful review to warn any future sitters.

I did and I reported it to THS. That’s why she left the bad review.

@pashirley I just wanted to check in and offer support after reading your comment as a dog bite must have been so scary and stressful for you.

I can see that Membership Services is currently dealing with this as an ongoing case, please keep in touch with them for an outcome.

I hope that you have fully recovered from the incident. Best wishes :hugs: Carla


I just got a threatening email from THS saying that my membership was at risk. The HO is lying about me to cover the misconduct of her dog.

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I am a dog person. I love dogs. Don’t have one now and enjoy dog sitting experience. And allergic to cats. But, I would like to cut out young dogs and big dogs as soon as I have more options. I did a sit with 2 large puppies, full of energy, had to be walked every 3-4 hours. I couldn’t do anything. I have sit coming up and they got a puppy after I agreed to the sit. So now it is a 5 yo lab and this large 5 month old puppy. But I need to be in the LA area at that time so I am doing it. But not my first choice. Getting the small, medium to older dog is my preference, just because it is easier. But if I need the location and dates and there are 3 large dogs, I would take it. Hoping that this is not the case in the future as I build my reviews.


did you take photos of the bite?

Yes. I sent it to THS.

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@pashirley if you read about what recently happened to @Lokstar (I’ll try to find the link), you’ll realise why it’s important to commence a member dispute, rather than just reporting this issue via the standard communications channels with THS.

I can’t believe I’m reading this! Aggressive dogs are not allowed on this platform (I’m sure it’s in the T&Cs). Did you report this to Membership Services, as it was happening? This PP should be banned from the platform. And why on earth did you stay?