No more dog sits for me

Sorry if I’m sharing too much (and mods feel free to delete). I guess it was going to happen at some point - I’m having balance problems because of a 25 year old leg injury and aging. Neurologist encouraging me to walk with a cane and when he asked about what I did in retirement and I told him pet sitting he strongly urged me to stop walking dogs - used one of his med research mentors as an example who ended up adopting out his own 3 dogs when facing the same situation.
I’ve had to cancel a few scheduled sits (all with at least 6 weeks notice) and the HOs have been understanding.
So I guess I’ll be checking the cats, reptiles, birds, small pets, fish boxes in future searches.


Cheers to many more years of sitting, Tom!

FWIW, some dogs don’t need walking, so maybe you can still sit those?

I sat two older, little ones that had both had back injuries and surgeries, for instance. Their humans said to keep them in their back yard, which was plenty of room for them to roam.

Separately, I sat a much younger dog with an anxiety condition (for which she was being medicated) and she refused to walk. Her human also said she was fine in their yard. He said I could try walking her, but as we got half-way down the stairs outside, she started trembling, so I didn’t force her.

In both cases, I’d assumed I’d be walking the dogs, but I’ve since learned while sitting that some don’t or don’t any more.


@toml , You’ve posted here about the many animals—dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and who knows what else, you’ve taken care of in homes all over the world. And I’ve made note of some of the fascinating museums, markets and unique attractions you’ve recommended. You are someone who lives large, something I admire.

I’m sorry for this loss of your mobility. Loss is a hard part of life, it’s inescapable. We adjust. Thank heavens you weren’t faced with the situation the mentor was, forced to give up his dogs.

I wish you many more great sits. There are many cats, birds, fish and other pets that will be very fortunate to be in your care.


Sorry to hear about your balance problems! I have gotten to the point where I am much more picky about the dogs I will care for…some HO will tell me that their dogs are very well behaved but I always ask specifically how they are on a leash. I’ve turned down several invites because of that!


Best wishes, @toml and I am sorry to hear about your balance and injury issues. I’ve been in a few scary situations with dogs who need to be walked (and are not great on leash and/or are reactive) knocking me down. I now am reluctant to sit for larger dogs unless they have an enclosed yard.

I’m sure you will continue to be a great sitter!


Hi @toml I am sorry to hear about your loss of mobility. Right now my mother is going through an illness that effects her mobility some days her pain is so bad she can hardly leave their home and she has had to cancel so many trips this past year because of it…plans that were years in the making and postponed already due to COVID. It does cheer me however that you’ll continue to pet sit for pets that don’t need to be walked.

and maybe like @Maggie8K mentioned someday you’ll come across an elderly dog that only needs to be let out to relieve themselves? Might it be possible to sit for a dog like that?


I’m glad your not giving up petsitting. There’s so many cats rabbits reptiles etc who could always use a good sitter


@toml all of the above and their human families, will be better off for having Tom the TrustedHousesitter walk into their lives … I’m sorry to hear your news, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you with a canine friend and the bonded connection was a very special one … they only had eyes for you :dog: :wink:

Thank you @mars I couldn’t have said it better. :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:


Sending good wishes to you & all the best for sits with more of the sitting and less of the walking @toml - you have a lot of THS love on here. Look after yourself :hugs:


Hi @toml - We have had the pleasure to have met you in person and know how disappointing this will be to you but are delighted that you have decided not to throw in the towel completely.

There are still many hosts listing pets other than dogs that will be lucky to receive an application from you.

Don’t over-do it and be sure to look after yourself


Oh @toml I’m so sorry to hear this but all of those cats, reptiles, birds and other small pets are going to be so lucky having you to sit for them. Take care.


Hi @toml, I’m sorry to hear this news as remember fondly when we met in London and you and I had our canine charges with us. As others say, there are plenty of other animals that need your services and, as pointed out, not all dogs need walking if they’re too old or injured. I’ve seen some owners who say their dogs don’t need walking as can exercise in their garden, not that I like that but if that’s what the owner says……
Take care of yourself and all the best for those dogless sits.


Hi @toml
So sorry to hear this, it must be so frustrating for you.
I am so pleased you will continue to be your adventurous self… and as everyone has said there are so many other pets (and to possibly even still consider small and/or elderly dogs who do not need walking).
Wishing you so many wonderful sits going forward. Owners will be lucky to have you.


Oh @toml, I’m really sorry to learn you can no longer look after dogs. You have cared for so many and been a wonderful dog sitter. There are still many other pets who are going to love having you spoil them.


Hello my friend @toml
As you know, having met in person more than once, that I use a stick and can no longer walk dogs on leads. I have absolutely no difficulty finding sits, am actually headed back to full time mad and happy wanderer.
You are an incredible human Tom with lots of love to give and there are a treasure trove of wee fun luvies waiting for you.

BTW I use Fizan trekking collapsible poles. They come with bits to change according to the terrain. Got them in the UK when I sat for a couple that own a trekking business. They are available on Amazon but the ones in the Uk are far superior. Msg me if you want. More info. The bloke in the shop even fitted me and gave instruction on proper use and form. They are light, travel well and allowed on flights.
All the best my friend and hope to see you at another meetup.


Yes yes yes
There are small dogs too and folks who have invisible fencing so no walking is required other than poop scooping :rofl:
I’ve got tons of sits with a pair of five pound love bugs. Everything discussed up front.
It’s not a deterrent, just another curve ball to maneuver.


Thanks to all for the kind words!!
I actually got an invite this morning to apply for 2 weeks with a cat trio in Manhattan - maybe someone who saw my post. And I’m applying.
In the meantime, I’m inventorying my collection of several hundred fountain pens with goal of starting to adopt them to other collectors. If you want to see pictures of that passion, I’m putting pics into a google photo album -
Take care.


@toml I am so sorry to hear this as I can attest to how great you are with the pups. I know all your past PP’s are going to miss you!


@toml I’m very sorry to hear that your mobility now means that you can’t walk dogs, but equally glad to hear that there are still many other creatures you can continue to care for.

I love reading your reports from your sits. As @mars mentioned, you always seem to find the quirkiest interesting museums based on all sorts of different subjects that are fascinating to hear about. We aspire to find a @toml museum on a sit that we can report back on! You also provide lots of great advice on places to visit and food experiences. We’ve learned a lot from your posts and are looking forward to learning lots more from your posts about your future sits.


@toml I am really sorry to hear about your balance issues. Thank you for choosing to share with us and for your ongoing inspiration showing others that where there is a will there is a way for you to continue your amazing housesitting adventures!
As everyone has mentioned there are so many other pets out there to care for and they will be very blessed to have you as their sitter!
Best wishes with everything and look forward to your future updates :smiling_face: