Feedback on new ‘5 applications and freeze’ system?

Hello everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback about the work we’ve done around pausing owner applications, and for waiting while we took your feedback to the Product team.

We understand that any site changes, especially those affecting how some members use the site, need to be communicated transparently. We’ve used this experience as a learning curve to improve our communication and transparency in the future.

As well as giving you an update about pausing owner applications, we also wanted to let you know about when and where we gave advance notice of the change, as we know that some of you were concerned that you were only made aware of it after seeing it here on the Forum.

Here’s the timeline of announcements:

  • Initial testing was mentioned in June 2022 on a blog posting here

  • Our Product Manager, Ben, posted about the changes in July 2022 during the testing phase here, and there was also a new blog post update here. This post also contains a document with screenshots showing how it will look on the platform when members log in and what instructions will be given for using the new feature.

  • We then shared an update on the change in our September 2022 newsletter, that was emailed to all subscribed members, after the initial testing was complete. You can see a copy of the email we sent out by clicking here.

The Product Team are really grateful to all Forum members who took the time to provide their feedback, whether it was via the recent poll, or in one of the discussion posts on the topic.

They’ve asked us to confirm that there are no plans to change the five pausing feature at the moment, due to the overall success of the function across the platform.

Although we know you’ll most likely be disappointed to hear that we won’t be making any further changes to the feature, we wanted to let you know that as a direct result of your feedback on this update and how it was announced, that the Forum will soon have a Product Update section.

Having a dedicated area for Product updates means the way that we communicate these kinds of updates will change for the better, making sure your voices are heard, and that we’re being as transparent as possible.

Please watch this space for an announcement about the Product Update section in the coming weeks.