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Hi, first post here. My most recent sit was my first negative, or rather, not all positive one. I won’t go in to details because it’s in the past and doesn’t matter etc. I’d like some feedback on how I have worded my review that I will post. I’ve read on this forum how important it is to keep the reviews factual and not emotional when there’s something negative to share. Here is the review. Thanks in advance:

I enjoyed getting to know (blank). He was timid at first, as expected but over time became much more relaxed and grew to enjoy spending time with me in the lounge in the evenings. That’s when his playful and curious side shone through. His care is simple and straight forward.

(blank) and (blank) are friendly hosts. The standard of cleanliness the kitchen and lounge were left in was slightly bothersome, but could be fine for another sitter. They were easy to keep in touch with throughout the sit. Something to note in the interest of transparency is the photos currently used are not an accurate reflection of the home and garden.

The sit was cut short by one day due to one of the hosts feeling unwell and him deciding to return home to rest with a few hours notice. I was offered to continue my stay which I declined, and the extra costs incurred due to this were kindly reimbursed. This was a somewhat abrupt and disappointing end to an otherwise fine sit.


I am reading this and my first question is why, please put in some kind of extra information, so as the next sitter is informed. Also description so if they do update the photos we will know that they have been updated.


I would reword this to be more succint, and explain what bothered you. For example:
“The kitchen and lounge were not as clean as other houses - ADD A COUPLE OF EXAMPLES. Also, the house and garden look very different to the listing photos -EXPLAIN.”

Communication with Mary and John during the sit was easy…"

This sentence is also a little clunky because of the passive voice

“John asked if I still wanted to stay the final night. I declined and he kindly paid the costs that I incurred to stay somewhere else”

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It’s nicely non emotional & factual which is a good thing. You’re also very reasonable and fair when you explain the early (annoying) return of the HO. Yes please to why the pics are not an accurate representation. Had they cleaned before your arrival or was it just a grubby house? #fewmorefactsplease @TrustedTofu


So, the trip was cut short due by only one day due to illness (understandable), they offered you to stay and then paid for your additional costs. Why leave the final sentence? It doesn’t sound like something they are likely to do in the future (barring continued ill health) and they went above and beyond requirements to alleviate the hassle to you. I also agree with @Lassie 's wording throughout - much more proactive


Hi @TrustedTofu …I think I replied to the wrong post by accident…A HO offering someone a sit is not the equivalent of guaranteeing the sitter accommodation for the dates for which they were booked. So while cutting the sit short can be inconvenient for sure, they are under no obligation to reimburse a sitter for any costs incurred nor are they required to let the sitter stay in the house. Both are very nice things to do of course and he did them. I am a sitter and if I were writing this review I would either not include this part at all or remove the last sentence–it just doesn’t seem necessary.

One thing I always think of is how the feedback may be perceived by future HOs considering the sitter for their sit. And one thing that came to my mind was being wary of a sitter who may criticize them for things they would perceive as beyond their control–like really needing to return home early for some reason.

This is just my opinion of course and you should do whatever feels best for you.


I left in the final sentence because it was an abrupt and disappointing end to my sit. THS policy states early HO returns are okay in emergencies/extraordinary circumstances. It’s subjective what counts as extraordinary I’m aware, and in my opinion coming down with a bad flu/cold doesn’t count. The non-returning HO even messaged me privately to say she didn’t understand why he (HO) wanted to return home early so badly and tried to convince him otherwise.

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I’m confused as to how you know you have a negative review but have yet to give your review. I thought this wasn’t possible under the blind review system?

Ignore me, I misunderstood that it was your first negative sit rather than negative review - sorry!

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I understand your perspective, which is why i was transparent in mentioning they offered to let me stay and kindly reimbursed etc. In my personal opinion as i mentioned in a previous comment is that falling ill with a bad cold to me, isn’t an extraordinary circumstance. Especially when the other HO messaged me to say she didn’t understand why he wanted to return so badly and tried to convince him otherwise. I think omitting this plays into the culture of sitters needing to sugarcoat or conceal negative aspects of their experiences to seem “desirable”.

@TrustedTofu given your comments

Have you decided how you will rate the following categories which will form part of your review ?

Returning early with a few hours notice is rather big deal. I might be working. I may not have finished cleaning. It could really be a huge inconvenience.


Agree with some of the others, be more direct and succinct about the issues. Your review doesn’t sound like it was that bad but your post does. And agree, the reason for the HO returning was problematic, particularly given the other HO didn’t support it. The HO isn’t “offering a sit” as someone else posted - the HO broke an agreement and with only a couple hours notice. Huge red flag.

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Hi @TrustedTofu as others have said, your wording sounds clunky, like you are not wanting to say the negative things that happened. It doesn’t sound that bad a sit the way you have currently worded your review. Please use examples about the kitchen cleanliness and why the house photos don’t match reality.

Re the owner coming home earlier, better to shorter like " The sit ended a day early by mutual agreement due to the owner unexpectedy falling ill." It’s factual, not confrontational and shows both parties worked with each other to a satisfactory outcome as a person can’t help getting sick.

Thank you!

How is that a big deal? I would be happy :slight_smile:


Thanks. A grubby house overall (minus my bedroom and the bathroom thankfully!). Kitchen was the worst offender, grime, grease and food in the sink, crumbs all over, no space in fridge for my things etc. They are in the middle of renovating so clutter was all over the house, some rooms look absolutely nothing like the photos in the listing, and the garden is chock full of clutter as opposed to the pristine photo used.

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Yes, based on my entire experience I’m thinking 3 for cleanliness, 5 for pet behaviour and 4 for the rest. It would be the first time i haven’t given 5 for everything… so that’s saying something!

And also to mention: most of the past sitters for these hosts haven’t left reviews (i accepted this sit when i hadn’t yet learned the unspoken rule of no review=bad review). So in case some people reading this post think im being unreasonable, you really don’t know all the details.


Ouch! Maybe then cover the specifics on the photos with something like “House is a lot fuller/more cluttered than illustrated on the THS profile.” You’re depersonalising it that way. You sound as if you have the rest covered. Good luck :crossed_fingers:t3: #lovetheworddisappointedbtw says so much!


Sounds unkind and people reading this might think you have no sympathy for people who are ill. Nobody chooses to get sick! I’d just delete that last sentence.

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