Finding a Christmas sitter :)

Hi there! Im new in the community forum so I apologize if I placed the post in the wrong place :sweat_smile:

This is our second year using TH but the first time we are going away a bit longer for Christmas. Last year we received a lot of requests to sit in our flat, however this time we are not receiving any at all.
I am starting to worry we won´t find anyone to care for our 2 cats. I don´t really remember if I put the advert earlier or later last year, but should I start looking somewhere else (Cat in a flat, rover, etc) or be a bit patient? :face_with_peeking_eye:
Or maybe contacting sitters myself?

I feel our flat is not as impressive as others as is a bit tired/old looking, but we always try to accomodate sitters and live very easily connected to the centre; also our cats are very easy going and affectionate.
Is there maybe something else I should be offering?

Any other advice is very welcome! Thanks in advance :grinning:

The major drawback may be that the sit ends on New Year’s Eve.

I liked that view from the window. But you are competing: in a place like Glasgow at Christmas, there are more sits than sitters.

There’s nothing wrong with your pics. Just my opinion, but I think you may be struggling because you are making someone leave on New Years Eve. Who wants to be travelling anywhere on New Years Eve, especially away from
a place, even if sitters are returning home on the night they will be returning home exhausted after cleaning, packing a car, travelling in traffic jams, so they won’t get to enjoy NYE night at all, I’m not talking them wanting to get sozzled, because we don’t drink that much, we’re lightweights, but I still like to be awake for midnight coming.

Hello @Luar
Your listing, your place and your cats look very attractive.

As @pietkuip and @HappyDeb already said maybe the end of the sit on 31st makes it difficult for sitters to go back home (except if they leave very closed…

The only advice I could give you is maybe not to put a picture of the bed as the 1st picture of your listing : not the last one but the one before (Turon beside the window) looks much more attractive to me : give you a glimpse of the city, shows a nice building with a garden and a lovely cat !

Good luck !

Hi all, thanks for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately our flight back is on the 31st, however we could add that the sitter is able to leave on the 30th or even stay the 31st with us?
If that helps we are happy with the arrangement


I have often liked it to spend an extra night when the HOs returned in the evening.

However, this is New Year’s Eve. And you guys are not friends with the sitter yet…

Of course there is a chance that this would be great fun! :sparkler: :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

Yes @Luar : adding to your listing a note saying that you can think about an arrangement if travelling ont the 31st is a concern would certainly help ! Good idea.

I will certainly do that :cat: thank you