Finding catsitters

Hello, thank you for your comments! Yes indeed, I did a few changes on our profile + pictures, so I guess it helped to get some traction! We are still considering the issue of the car… so we shall see when we interview the candidates. And thank you for suggesting a few tips for the interview, i.e. if sitters have experience driving on the right side of the road, on French roads, their track record of safe driving, etc.


Hello, thank you for your feedback. I understand your concern about the sentence “the cats must be in by dark”, actually on our listing I replaced “must” with “will”… simply because they are used to coming back for dinner and then staying inside. We rescued Sacha & Filou when we were living in NY City, so they were raised in an apartment. We only moved to a house with garden early 2021, so now they are free to go outside (we installed a cat flap through the garage). We trained them to come back by dark, and that’s what they do actually… and they are very happy to have access to a garden now! Although I understand how stressful it can be for a sitter, but previous sitters did manage it well.


I apologize if my feedback came across as judgemental rather than constructive. That wasn’t the intent. My point is that it may dissuade some sitters from applying for fear something would happen to one of your cats on their watch. Then they would have to spend a sleepless night out searching and could ultimately have to be the bearer of the news that something bad happened. If your cat is hit by a car or taken to the pound or poisoned or worse, they will not be able to make it home, no matter how well trained they are. Perhaps you could clarify in your listing what a sitter should do in the event that they don’t return for some reason. I’m sure there are sitters who are used to cats being let outside, I just know for myself personally, that would not be a sit I would apply for, so it is possible that others feel the same. I hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

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Yes indeed this is helpful! Don’t worry, I didn’t think your feedback sounded judgemental, I took it more like an exchange of good and bad practice!
Thanks for the tips, I will revise the instructions in our listing later to make sure that it’s clear and sitters know what to do.

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I think that in some parts of the world, cats going outside is very common and most sitters from these areas would not be put off. We prefer outdoor cats to indoor cats who would like to make a bid for escape!

I do appreciate that in other parts of the world, outdoor cats would-be very unusual due to predators, and that sitters from these places might be put off by the idea of the cat being allowed outside

I wouldn’t go so far as to include in your listing the steps to take should a cat not return home when expected as if I read that in a listing it really would put me off applying! It would make me think that the cat was likely to go missing while under my care. I think that is better addressed as a discussion between owner and prospective sitter to ensure they are both comfortable with the arrangements.


Hi Alpen I have the opposite feeling. I actually don’t like if cats are made to stay inside only! I love to see cats out and about roaming around freely- I think that’s more natural for them. We’ve sat for both indoor and outdoor cats and usually outdoor cats turn up reliably for dinner- so that’s the moment to lock the cat flap for the night if its not on a time lock! As for all the things that could happen to a cat if its outside I think that’s just a risk to take in life. Anything can happen at anytime- even indoors! Ofcourse no petsitter wants an accident or tradegy on their watch but you can’t always control everything in life…


I totally get what you mean. I love cats, and as a kid ours would be in and out all the time. But I was on a sit where they said let the cat out in the day but she should be in after dark because there was recently a bobcat sighting in the backyard. But of course it’s a cat, so I couldn’t make her come in; she just perched on the top of a tall shed past midnight … in winter. Thankfully, I am a night owl and they had a good TV setup, so I just kept trying until the cat got hungry and came in.

The next day, I simply didn’t let the cat outside at all. I figured she could handle one day inside. (Short sit.)

That said, I would still apply for these types of sits. I’ve learned a little more about personal boundaries and asking PPs when it’s okay to bend the guidelines, proactively. And next time I can bring some fancy cat treats like Churu. =)

Anyway, it sounds like @PUECH has cats that are in a slightly different situation. And I see the listing is now reviewing applications. Congrats! Or should I say, Concats?! :rofl:

We’ve used the HOs car in Portugal, Switzerland and Italy all without any problem. We are a Brit Turk couple with European driving licences. With some we have drawn up a private agreement for responsibility between us and the hosts, some just a gentlemen’s agreement. Any sit that needs us to hire a car is unfortunately an instant no for us as it’s so expensive now.