First long sit - what to take


We’re just about to go on our first long sit for five weeks and I was wondering what additional things to pack?

Also I loved the thread about emergency items e.g the camembert lid as a olive oil saucer to protect worktops, so what other clever hacks do you take with you for all eventualities?


@Kontikitoo - I’ve done some 4 week sits, and some sequential sits that total 8 weeks+ of sittiing. Really haven’t changed what I packed and brought along - well, packing enough of my prescription meds. Unless you are sitting in the developing world, almost everything else toiletries, for example you can buy locally when you run out. Maybe if you are sitting over multiple seasons, think about packing for hot and cold weather?

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I do the same. Take the bare necessities and figure out what’s missing when I’m there!

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we are going soon on a 7month sit and we take our suitcases. All we need we can organize there if missing. Mostly you are coming into a full equipped house. Why should I bother?

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Concur with all above. Whatever I need to for two weeks I also need for two months - except for medication


we are going soon on a 7month sit

What kind of visa were you able to get to stay in the US that long? (If the sit is in the US, that is.)

We are 2 and so we will leave the US in between one by one and return. Nothing special and its not forbidden. When I was on my 1 year US hiking tour I did the same. You only need to tell the border people why you are coming back after a day and they need to be convinced, that you are not trying to live there. No problem at all. Sometimes they want to see some paper like your registration paper from your country. Then you get your new 90 days in your passport and thats it.

All this "they don’t let you in again’ ist nonsense. The US likes tourist as much as others.

That is true!

We do try and travel light but I do like to take some essential cooking stuff like my spices and maybe a boardgame.