First sit contact, Corona

Hello dear ones,
I will soon have my 1st sit.
But I have a question.
When you get a sit confirmed, why is not shown the data of the owner, contact details?
What if the corona measures change in his country? Can you then cancel the sit?

Hello and welcome @Amilia0015, You can ask the HO for their phone number and/or email and even their address. This information will be in the Welcome Guide that the HO will provide to you. There is a place on the web page to click to request a Welcome Guide after the sit is confirmed. Sits should only be canceled in extreme circumstances. If travel regulations that you or the HO cannot comply with or illness preclude the sit from taking place, this is a reason to cancel and unfortunately, this has happened a lot during the past 22 months. Good luck with your first sit.

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Thank you for your answer.
Do owners also have to identify themselves to Trusted Housesitters with an ID card?

Hi @Amilia0015 welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters and congratulations on confirming your first sit … the first of many perhaps. Where are you sitting and what pets are you keeping company. A big thank you also to @mars be being so helpful. When owners join and create a listing we have their details and all listings go through an approval process.

The Welcome Guide is the most important document for the owner to complete and share, it is you pre and on sit reference guide … I choose to ask the owner for a hard copy also just in case there are issues with access to the digital version.

We look forward to sharing in your new TrustedHousesitters adventure …

Angela and the Team

@Mars and @Angela thank you for your answers.
I will sit with 2 cats in Terneuzen Netherlands.

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