First time having a sitter question

I don’t get a reminder and don’t want one, I already act like a responsible adult.


@Wildcolonialgirl - I don’t need a reminder either but I cannot opt out. Any irresponsible sitters out there won’t take any notice even if they receive one.


With things becoming more and more controlled by THS, and sitters treated like employees rather than assets, maybe they will start paying us for our services! :smiley::joy::star_struck:

Thank you for your response, I would never write that down. My goal was to get a feel from you guys about what I should expect and not expect since this is my first time. My sitter came yesterday and we had a great visit. She was very grateful for the instructions that I left her.


BTW, HOs also get reminders – not a checklist, but reminders to clean up before sitters come. Agree, that for irresponsible people it won’t make a difference.

@Skellogg You have been given lots of great advice here.

I want to emphasize the need for the Owner to show the Sitter where all of the cleaning products, brooms, mops, rags, brushes, vacuum, etc are located.

When I am cleaning on the last day, the Owner might be on a flight, and unable to answer my question, “Where is the vacuum?” One Owner had three different vacuums and had not told me that one was for the hardwood floors, and the other was for the carpet, and the third just for quick jobs. Everyone has different habits, and it is not necessarily intuitive.

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One more thought about checklists. Different people will hav e different ways of doing things. Some hosts will not want you to strip the bed because the cat might use the bare mattress as a scratching post. Some people are super conscientious about saving water and won’t want you to turn on a dishwasher that isn’t full. (Personally, I don’t want the dishwasher running when no one is home.). I don’t have a washing machine in my house. The washers and dryers are in the basement of my buiding and while I do leave money on the card in case the sitter wants to do a load or two, I don’t expect the sitter to launder the sheets before they leave. This is something hosts should think about and specify. Not only aren’t sitter-guests professional cleaners, they also aren’t mindreaders.