Flexible Sits - What to do?

Hi Everyone! My boyfriend and I recently had a sit that was canceled so we were trying to find a buffer in between sits and we found a sweet lady who was looking for some help while she traveled out of the country. We told her we could be flexible during the interview if she needed her trip to extend as the sit was supposed to be from late March to mid April. She has postponed the sit further until the 1st of April roughly and has no dates for how long we are supposed to be there which worries me slightly because we are in CA right now and we have to camp inbetween sits so it can get rather cold at night… I don’t want to cancel because it would make me feel bad person and I don’t know how to communicate the frustrations of having no info as we have to plan our sits slightly in advance because we are from Indiana, 2000 miles away from home, and traveling on a budget. What would you guys do if you were in a similar situation?


I guess I would insist on some kind of end date, even if it was within a range of a couple of days. I think this is definitely up to you though. Every sitter’s situation is different and some people wouldn’t care about an open ended sit.

That being said, I’m not sure how THS’s insurance protects you if the dates aren’t listed when you accept.


Hi @Shethan I think you have explained yourself well here, and should not feel bad because you need some reasonable level of understanding so that you can also make plans. You are already trying to be accommodating. If you don’t feel you can work with her uncertain timelines, you have to consider whether this is a good fit for you. Given @Kelownagurl’s excellent example of things to consider, I suggest you wait to hear from one of the THS team members. They can address the other considerations you will need to think about.


I am bit confused, was the sit already confirmed through THS or was just a verbal agreement? If it is just a verbal agreement it is not official and you are not under any obligation to wait for the sit to start, you should look for other sits and don’t risk your health and safety.

The sit was confirmed through THS but after we had confirmed, a few days passed and she contacted us staying the sit wouldn’t be able to start on the agreed on date as she had to postpone her trip at least a week and a half. Which she stated would cause her to extend her trip but that she is still unsure of the dates.

If the sit was agreed on and confirmed, changing the dates is unacceptable and against THS’s policies. I think you should connect with Membership services for assistance. I am tagging @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and @Therese-Moderator for help.

Hi @Shethan I am going to tag @Katie-MembershipServices who can connect with you on this when she is back online … Thank you @BunnyCat for tagging me.

Why not send a cheery note asking if she has firmed up her dates. Give her an approximate time you would like to leave. Maybe say you are looking for the next sit and need a date. Explain why. She can either say go away or ok, these are the dates. I don’t think you can be faulted for wanting to know when it’s going to end.


If your option in between sits is camping, and that becomes too inconvenient, you might look into couchsurfing.com for another option between house sits.

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