Forum update - Editing and Deleting posts/comments

THS - Would be great if you provided facility to delete our own posts rather than simply offered ‘editing’.

Hi @RosiePosie

We don’t generally delete posts from the Forum, but if anyone came to us with something they’d like deleted, @Carla and I would be happy to chat about it and see if we can help.

Members are welcome to pop us a DM if they want to talk about deleting a post.


Still learning about this forum and the rules regarding its use.

After spending ages trying to work out how to amend my post, I found this thread which tells me I can’t.

I’m desperately trying to find last minute house-sitters to arrive this week and have had no response so far. I’m assuming it’s the dates as I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my post and previous sitters have given us great reviews.
So I need to keep changing my dates to try to find someone who might be available to help me soon. Does this mean I have to copy and repeat my post with different dates each day, to try to find sitters available to start as soon as possible?
I can change the dates on my main post, but not in this last minute thread?

Also how do I DM you if I need to contact you personally? Many thanks for any help and advice.

Hello, @KoS If you direct message one of the forum team members we can get that date updated for you :slight_smile: I will pop you a DM to start the conversation!

This how-to-use the forum guide should also help.