Getting sitters for short sits, any advice please?

Can I ask folks advice on getting sitters / or being a sitter for only a short time e.g 2 days.
My partner and I have 2 small sits we need sitters for because of 2 events that require 2 overnight stays - (a concert in another part of Uk booked before pandemic and the cat and his sons graduation) .

Is it just a matter of sending off invites to lots of people within some sort of decent distance, particularly newbies?

Or do you think some people would consider doing a sit in their own area, even just down the road in order to get a review perhaps? Especially as it is short?

What do people think? Any tips?


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I have asked for two different short sits lately with no response . I have tried local sitters but they were not available so I have had to go elsewhere. I know next April I need someone over night possibly two nights as my son is getting married. How is the best way to advertise this? Is it something people would be interested in covering for two dogs?
Jackie fitzgerald

I always wonder who takes one-night sits. I’m interested in other answers to your question. It might appeal to someone local who is very new to THS who wants to build references, or someone already in the area and needs a place for just one night (maybe to bridge a gap between sits).

You might attract some interest if you say that no laundry or cleaning needs to be done by the sitter. One reason people might be reluctant to take an overnight sit is the hassle of stripping beds, cleaning sheets and towels, and leaving the house spotless after being there for just one night.

Does your are have pet sitters who stay overnight for a fee?

It may be too early to find sitters for next April.


That’s a good idea!
@waggit If you look for someone local, who can get to you by car, maybe you could suggest that they take their own bedding with them? So there would be only the sheet for the mattress to change and even this I would do myself if it was my home.


I thought, by your subject title, you wanted a sitter who was short :rofl:

Early for me. Need more coffee. :laughing:


Hi Jackie,

As a sitter, I agree with everything that ElaineInDallas wrote.

I’ve also wondered why a sitter would accept a 1-2 night sit months in advance. To be completely honest, I wouldn’t unless I had a very compelling reason to be in the area where you live on those specific dates.

There’s a better chance that I would consider a 1-2 night sit if it was a “last minute” listing, my schedule was open and the sit was nearby.


Hello @waggit
It’s a bit early for such a short sit but I would put the listing up regardless and look locally.
There are many sitters who enjoy short term sits as they may not have time to travel and/or are building up their profile and experience.
Shorter sits are an excellent way to do that and you may find someone that would love to help you on other occasions that may pop up before or after April.
Best wishes

Hi @waggit
I have carried out 4 separate 2 night sittings, 3 of them were looking after 2 dogs, the other was 2 cats. I love my own home but sometimes just want a quick break without cancelling any social engagements at home. I have also done an overnight sitting looking after a dog and cats. This latter one was to see if we wanted to do any longer ones in the future. All of them were within 2 hours drive so I think location to your home is important.
I recommend that you list for 2 nights if you can as I think you would receive more interest.
I agree with others that it may be too soon to list it but you could try and then relist it nearer the time if you have no suitable applicants.
I hope that you enjoy your son’s wedding


I know. I was all set to say, “Yes, please let me know where the step stool is located!”

I actually started telling people after I’d been on sits where I could not reach the plates and glassware.

A HO in Seattle with two birds said, “oh good to know! I’m 6’ and my husband is taller. I’ll lower the cages!”


:rofl: when you’re not the tallest the step stool can’t be missed…


haha I did a sit once where both HOs were over 6 feet tall, I am 4-11 :dancer:
In the custom kitchen even the sink seemed high. The microwave was on top of the refrigerator! it was fun. I got a lot of steps in that week.


Can you look thru Find a Sitter to find a suitable sitter that might help out or is you home on route to some place that someone might like to use as a stop on route. I feel for you but its a long time to April so maybe try nearer the time, scary I know but by then most folk will know what their plans are, is there anything in your area that might attract a short sit, maybe you could extend it to 2 nights might be more attractive as a weekend away. Good luck

I too, got quite excited by this post as I am 5ft 4ins.
I DO consider one or two night sits, and my ‘driver’ for this would be if the sit is in a part of the UK where I have connections. This would be Bath, Cheltenham, south Wales or the south coast of England.


We regularly do short sits close by/ up to a hours distance. If it’s short we dont want to travel far. Short sits are great for having a quick change of scene and we also often end up doing repeat sits.


We like to do short sits to have a weekend away as we have to be home for school and work on Mondays. One night is probably too short, but a Friday and Saturday night is perfect. We would limit the driving distance to an hour and a half (although sometimes the traffic has other ideas).
It’s just nice to be in a different environment, spend time with animals and have a new experience.