Has Covid resulted in fewer sitters?

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Everything @temba says is absolutely true, there is a difference in sitter’s travel behavior and still a little uncertainty in some minds, “wait and see” seems to be the approach.

Something to be aware of new sitter members are joining everyday, new members eager to get their first sit experience and for owners who might be concerned about engaging a new sitter, those of us with years of experience and many reviews started in exactly the same place, we take our pet sitting seriously whether a veteran or a newbie.

Also we advise new sitters to “start locally” that way they can meet pets and their human family if convenient and begin to build a rapport, you might search local sitters and actively reach out to them.

All sitters will have been verified and many will have references and experienced sitters will have owner reviews.

Another thing you can do is add your listing link to your forum profile, I’ve included the “how to” link here How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile we can also share your sit on our Social channels if this is something you would consider, this will give it extra visibility, but still only members are able to apply.

You really do still have time, although we completely understand the need to get your pet care in place well in advance …

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