Help and advice appreciated

@Katie it definitely was a bewdy wasn’t it! :joy:

You piqued my interest so I googled the ‘not happy Jan’ … thought it was brilliant altogether!

Me too! I watched the Ad on Youtube! :rofl:

@MaggieUU and @Lokstar glad you both got a kick out of it, an oldie but a goodie :joy:

(related to pets)–Remember the one with the cat who goes around to various people’s homes, and has a different name at each one? Including being a “footy buddy” for a guy. Cat is wearing team colors scarf. What was that for?

@Katie we are really getting off topic now :joy: BUT, I’ve just spent an hour looking for that ad and cannot for the life of me find it. What I did find was one of my favourite all time ads :joy: We best stay on track here or open a new thread with animal ads lol Sorry community, last one lol

Hi :wave: it’s easy to get off track but out of respect for the OP and their original request for help and advice let’s please keep the conversation on topic … @ziggy great suggestion :blush:

Thanks everyone

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@Angela_L so sorry, I knew I was out of line but couldn’t help myself - putting myself in the naughty corner now. :person_facepalming:

@ziggy great topic - we need a new thread

@Silversitters done, Fun Stuff :kangaroo::raised_hands: