Low apps, any advice?

Hello - I have a trip coming up at the end of this month and it’s getting to crunch time to find a sitter. I had 4 apps right at the start but didn’t accept in time and they found other sits. Since then have gotten nothing. I just took down and re-listed the dates (had already boosted) so hopefully that will help.

If anyone could give some advice on my listing I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve read some of the advice articles and tried to adjust it a bit. I do feel like some parts are a bit long but also feel that a lot of those details need to be shared…

I have a dog who we take for a 45 min to an hour walk every day, at a park because of issues we’ve had in the neighborhood. See the listing for details. I realize this is a lot to ask for a sitter to drive to a park to walk the dog every day (even though it’s 5 min away and we offer a car) so would be fine if they want to just exercise her in the back yard, as I put in the post. She also doesn’t do well with dogs she doesn’t know, and I wanted to make that clear so that the sitters would be aware, but I don’t want to push people away with that information. We haven’t had an incident in a long long time, maybe because she’s gotten older, or maybe because we use a leash and keep our distance from other pups. Either way, I want everyone to be safe so I feel that info should be shared. Is this paragraph (in the responsibilities section) TMI?

Finally - There are some pics of the pets in here taken in another home, but they are clearly after all the rest of the pics of my current house. Are these confusing and should they be removed? It’s tough because they’re good pictures that show who the pets are.

Sorry this is so long. Thank you so much for any feedback.

Your listing looks good, you’ve been honest and open about behaviour traits which is great. But I would definitely remove any pics that are of your old home, you may think it is obvious, but our initial thoughts as sitters are on the photos and the title, and then we decide whether we want to read on. But also, on simply scanning the pics quickly (as we do at first glance), it looks like you have numerous sofas, so some sitters would be presume it’s a much larger house than it appears from the outside, whereas they are simply older pics, so don’t put any confusion in the mind of your sitters.

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What a lovely tone and genuine listing, good luck. I think you’ll get applications ok :ok_hand:

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I actually think you’ve got a lovely listing! You probably don’t need so many pictures of the pets, so you could safely take out the ones in your old home.

Obviously this time round, when you get an applicant respond quickly to lock them in!


Jenny, your sit looks fine to us. We are homeowners as well as sitters, so we looked at it with the dual-eye, you might say. But the sit is over a holiday later this month and with more sits than sitters, well, sometimes it is tough.

You might laugh at the suggestion I’m about to make, but here goes. :slight_smile:

The photo of the bedroom. That’s the sitter’s room, I suppose? It looks like there is plenty of room in that empty corner across from the bed where you could add two luggage racks. When people travel, having suitcases elevated like that is soooo much nicer than having to keep them on the floor.

Just our two cents on an otherwise great listing.


Luggage racks is a good shout. I may look into getting some!


Hello! You have a lovely listing and I’m sure you’ll do very well - it sounds like a great sit! The only thing I would really suggest would be to condense and break up information to make it a little easier to read rather than long paragraphs. Try using simple dot points, particularly in your responsibilities section, as this section is quite long. You can explain things further in your welcome guide or when chatting to sitters.
Best of luck :blush:

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions! We will certainly look in to a luggage rack, that’s a great idea. And will work on slimming things down a bit and taking a few of the photos out. Appreciate your help!!

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