New Pet Parent - no applicants, listing advice?

Hi all, I just joined THS yesterday on the advice of some local folks who’ve had good experiences. I looked through some listings before setting mine up, but wanted to get some feedback and see if I can improve it.

I posted the first one last night and don’t have any applicants yet; not sure how much is related to being “new”, being in a more rural area, length of the sit, or if there’s something in the post itself deterring people.

Reading through the forum it seems I could/should add pet pictures in my home photos? I had just added house pictures there and pets only in the pet section. Perhaps change out my pet photos for cuter ones also :), they are all very sweet.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Hi, welcome although we’re fairly new ourselves. We didn’t get any response right away when we listed our sit, in fact I’ve got a sit in September advertised for about 4 weeks now with no enquiries yet. Starting to get a bit anxious but I hope it’ll get picked up soon. I’ve just read your listing and to me (I’m not a sitter) it looks ok. Have a look at mine and compare maybe?

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@caspian Your ad is gorgeous. What a beautiful home and adorable pets. I can tell right away that it’s a genuine and thoughtful sit.

Pictures are wonderful don’t change them and all the Information is clear with good detailed responsibilities section.

The only thing I think you could add to the home section is a little more about the bedroom for the sitters - which room is it? How big is the bed? Is there lots of space for the sitters to put their things away? Could you mention that as I’m not quite sure which room is for the sitters.

Also you mention you work from home - is there an office the sitters could use if they also work from home? Desk with a desk chair? Fast internet?
Also streaming services that sitters could enjoy? These are all just nice added little bonuses but worth mentioning if you have them :grin:

Aside from that now I think you just need to wait for the applications - I am certain you will get a lovely sitter/s - best of luck


Totally with @Enjaybee on how nice the listing looks, super appealing & useful info with it! If only all HOs followed suit @caspian - we don’t sit in the USA but think you’ll be fighting off the applicants. It’s only been one day so wait a little. #greatwork :raised_hands:t3:


It looks great, but the only thing I would mention (given you aren’t getting applicants) is that you kick it off straight away with “I’m an entrepreneur”, and whilst that’s totally good with us, some other sitters may feel intimidated and may not read on (unless they are an entrepreneur or can relate).

We’re sitters and own multiple properties, and have a few online ventures, but I don’t open at the start by saying that as there is so much more to us. If we opened with it, it could potentially put pet owners off that may rent their home, or those that have a tiny place, or those that are struggling financially, or younger ones that are still finding their way in life.

In my eyes it could create a disconnect with certain readers, instead of focusing on the more relatable side of us, as there is much more to us to help give a little positivity and happiness to the reader instead of potentially making them feel inadequote.

There’s quite a number of sitters that are entrepreneurs too, so I’m only saying this given you haven’t received applicants, as your place looks really great. I would never have said it otherwise. And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t mention it, just put it on the following lines, not as the opening.

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I am in the same predicament not more than one applied and this is getting worrisome too

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@Elsa1 Hi, I also had a look at your advert and from a sitter perspective it’s a lovely attractive advert with adorable kitties and you have two reviews already both 5*

I don’t think you’ll have any problems just need to be a little patient. 4 days in the middle of September is a bit of a random date but it will be ideal for someone to add to the end/start of another sit in the area or another reason :blush: will just take a little time for people to know their schedule in September.

Best of luck :smile:

That’s honestly one of the oddest comments on a posting that we’ve seen @HappyDeb. Being an entrepreneur is interesting & adventurous, not off putting (& yes I’m one too) & signifies he’s likely to be a bit of a free spirit and relaxed HO. The HO could be making things in his garden shed or be the sole inventor of TikTok, it’s irrelevant. It’s only been a day since the post went live. If potential sitters are intimidated by his freelancing, travelling lifestyle then they’re just not a match. #simpleas


Thanks, I have a sitter booked for next year but it’s a 3 week sit. I think I’m in the minority but I had 1 application and accepted asap because I might now have got another. :roll_eyes: However, he looks and sounds ok. I also have fab neighbours who’ll pop in and feed cats and litter tray clean so I’m not going to panic at all. This area is a great for a long weekend though and to be honest, I’m an ‘incomer’, and strangely, people in this area go on holiday or for a weekend away with a radius of 50 miles……so fingers crossed!


But if there’s only 1 and they sound great, you could accept them?

Your listing is great and I’ve added you to my favourites if you ever put up a longer listing but the two listed are only 5 days each so this might be why you’ve not had applications… it’s a long way to come for a shorter sit.

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You have to make the person likes pets or can live in remote area as ours, it is very important to make sure its the right match, other wise you will come home to a disaster or you want be able to rest with all the calls and text messages etc

Hi @Elsa1
I think your listing looks great. If I was available and could drive I’d be tempted to apply especially as my father lives in Driffield.
I’m sure you’ll get applicants.


@BonnyinBrighton that makes sense. Please do keep me in mind for a longer sit!

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@HappyDeb I had more info in that sentence and was trying to trim it down, I hadn’t considered it from that angle. I know we Americans also have a reputation of talking about our careers too much sometimes! I’ll think about whether/how to modify my intro. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

@Cuttlefish thanks so much for your counterperspective, I do think many entrepreneurs I know share these traits! For what it’s worth, I’m a she not he :)…


@Enjaybee thank you for the feedback!! I actually included all that info (bed, bedroom, streaming, etc.) as captions to the photos, but I noticed you don’t really see those unless you click on them in a specific way, so I’ll add all that to the listing description as well. Good point!


Welcome @caspian. Your property exudes Pacific Northwest-ness, it’s so lovely!
Fantastic that it can be reached by public transit too.
It’s still early days, don’t be worried if you have not received the any applications yet.

One thing I’d like to mention, though: the 6 to 6:30 AM breakfast time for the dogs might be a bit too early for some people. How would they behave if they needed to wait another hour?


I have lived in Oregon for 30+ years and can vouch that your area is fabulous, especially in the summer! Looks like your photos were taken on an overcast day, but when the sun comes out—wow!!!

If your time away was 2+ weeks, you would instantly have lots of applicants!

Given the shorter lengths, you might consider putting something in there about cleaning at the end— “of course, my home will be clean when you arrive, but I don’t expect you to clean for hours before you leave.” Maybe set up a one time maid service so that the sitter does not need to do much? Or you could say something like, “All I expect is for you to strip the bed and clean up after yourself in the kitchen. Should not take more than 30 minutes.”

We personally have very high expectations of ourselves to leave a home clean at the end of a sit. That is why we have a 7 night minimum (and prefer even longer sits) since we put hours into cleaning at the end.

@BonnyinBrighton This would be a brilliant Sit!!! The Puget Sound is amazing. Check out a map of this area…it is so fun to go to Bainbridge Island, and then take a ferry to Seattle. Also the Olympic Peninsula is amazing for hiking. You can kayak, fish, etc. So many other places to visit before or after the Sit too, even Victoria, BC, Canada! Or the San Juan Islands….just spectacular. And THS is really catching on here, so you should be able to find more Sits! Come to my area on the Oregon coast for spectacular sunsets!


Wow! Agree with others that your sit posting looks great. Addition of sitter sleeping arrangements would be good. Maybe consider adding if it’s a good sit for couples and/or families in addition to singles.

Poulsbo is such a fantastic area! I was in that area in 2021 on a THS sit and LOVED it! If I didn’t already have a sit booked in Seattle on your dates, I’d be jumping at your listing!

Wishing you the best fortune finding a super sitter for your lovely crew.

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Thank you, we’re looking to be in that area around Sep 2025….

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