New to THS and struggling with applicants

Hi All,

I am new to THS, I love the concept.
Usually when going away our parents would look after our house and our animals but as they are getting older and often away themselves we need to find an alternative option.

We are going away for 7 days at the end of June and o am really anxious to find someone to look after our home and animals as soon as possible.

I posted my dates to request a sitter last Friday (6days ago) but to date have had no applicants.

Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong? Or does it often take a while?

All advice very welcome!

Hi @LaurenF and welcome! If you add your listing to your profile then experienced members can help you with feedback & advice to get you some applicants.


Also, there is still plenty of time. It is not that it is too early to post for June but I just got a sit that starts less than three weeks from now. So no reason to worry yet.


Welcome @LaurenF you have come to the right place for some advice-

Did you know that new members in addition to basic support, can get dedicated member support which is extra assistance to secure your first pet sitter “quickly and easily” ?

This is the service that THS advertise that they provide for new members .

Contact member support via live chat :speech_balloon: in the Help section . Ask to speak to a human.

I don’t think many members know about or have used this facility for help with their listing when they start out . We didn’t !

It will help future new members if you can report back to the forum what assistance member services give you to get your first pet sitter.

All the best


Attach your THS link to your profile in this forum, and then you can ask for some feedback on it, there may be something really simple that you may have overlooked that may be putting sitters off applying. Both pet owners and sitters are really good at making suggestions to help improve it.


Hi, hopefully the below works, thank you so much for offering to take a look.

(edited by Forum team to remove link - I’ve added it to OP’s profile so head there to take a look :slight_smile: )

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Love the Dorset area and your sit sounds and looks idyllic, had we been able to, we would certainly have applied.
I’m sure you will get offers to sit very soon.

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Thank you so much, that is really helpful and reassuring!!

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Welcome @LaurenF
If I may make some suggestions for your photos?
First picture shows off your beautiful house so no problems with that. I’d be tempted to have your 2 onwards photo’s of your adorable pets. The other thing missing (and this may sound strange but it’s important for many sitters) is a clear picture of the bathroom a sitter will be using.
Lastly as already said many sitters work 4-6 weeks in advance so there is still lots of time yet. Good luck.


Hi again @LaurenF - your home is fab & listing looks good but could do with some tweaks. I used to live in Tarrant Monkton so know the area well. Too many pics & too many repeats. Start with a lovely one of the pooches (the fireside chill one is great) & then you need kitchen, living room, sitters bathroom and bedroom, outside and the rest of the animals. Some aren’t lit very well so reorder and slim down. It’s a long intro to wade through so would slim that too. How long do the dogs walk for is key info and how long can they be left also important for sitters. Your writing style and approach are nice and friendly so that appeals. You say “not accessible by public transport” and then talk about the bus close by. Which is correct and please amend? Can you offer the use of a car :red_car: at all as that will attract international sitters as car hire so expensive now? Your sit says “no sitter needed” so that could be why no applicants?? Try a few tweaks and then update us and we can take another look. #goodattempttho


Thank you so much for the really helpful feedback I will take a look at that now and update

Thank you so much for the tips, I will take a look at those things too.

I don’t seem to be able to find where it says no sitter needed, do you know how I would correct that?

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I don’t, sorry! @richten1 @Hallt64 @HappyDeb can you guys see dates available on @LaurenF‘s listing? :thinking:

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Yep, 27 June to 3 July

#strangerandstrangerthoughtalice but good news @LaurenF if its just us that can’t see it (& we don’t sit in the UK) so all good :+1:t3:

I have made the changes as suggested, unfortunately we couldn’t offer use of a car, I have updated the buses. Unsure of where to find the ‘sitter not needed’ though.

Thanks again for the tips

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The date is definately showing, not sure about earlier as i viewed without logging in, so hopefully, sit back and let the sitters come running. :grinning:

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Great. Pics better and bathroom ones very useful. Remember to add how long the walks are and how long the pooches can be left at home #bestofluck - you have plenty of time @LaurenF :raised_hands:t3:


I have favourited as I would be interested but not available on these particular dates. Only comment on the profile is that it needs to be more concise … slightly too wordy and repetitive and too many photos of the pets.


Hi @LaurenF and welcome.
I have not read other posts here before looking at your listing.

I think this is a better cover photo with a listing title like:
Relaxing views in Dorset Await!

This photo is up as a duplicate

Captions on photos are very helpful to sitters.

Perhaps replace a kitty or dog photo with a chicken photo just so it’s clear you have such.

The narrative of the listing has a nice tone but seems wordy.

Info about feeding and schedules are best in bullet like statements.

Good luck!

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