New to THS and struggling with applicants

I just looked at your listing and found it very appealing! Your presentation is very friendly and welcoming and your pets all look adorable. If we were in UK and dates fitted I might well apply! But we’ll be in Spain at that time. I do think it would be good to mention a car is needed for shopping and touring. Most sitters would not want to rely on taxis or buses in a countryside area like Blandford Forum!

Re - no applicants just yet- don’t worry you still have lots of time. We are currently 2 weeks into a 5 week sit in the south of France. It was an absolute last minute sit (emergancy trip to UK for the hosts) and we booked it literally 5 days before the start date!! We were already in France but 900km away and we had some important logistics to manage before being able to drive down here. But everything fell into place for us all and its perfect!

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Regrettably, the THS web interface does not display the photo captions. :man_facepalming:

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Hi @LaurenF. Great to see you have taken onboard suggestions from members. You could remove a couple of dog and cat photos and add your chickens etc.
To bring it to sitters’ attention now you have improved it, remove your dates then re-list them. By doing this it will become a New listing and not have the label Low Applications. You can do this as often as you would like to as each day over 100 new listings are advertised for England so very quickly your listing would drop out of sight.
You have gorgeous pets and live in a beautiful area so I’m sure there will be sitters who are attracted to your listing. Just sorry I’m already booked for your dates.


Thank you so much for your message I really appreciate it :blush:


Hi @LaurenF

The ‘not accessible by public transport’ is your main issue. Is it really impossible for a sitter to get to your home by using the train/bus/cab?

Could you offer to collect them and drop them back off at the train station?

How far is the nearest train station? how close to yours would the bus get? how much would a cab cost?

If it is at all possible, You need to be giving solutions of how they can get to yours, not point blank saying that it is impossible

You say “The area we live in has many country shops and supermarkets close at hand.” You need to be more specific. Me, having read that would expect a supermarket to be no more than 15 minutes walk away - am I correct?

You say that your home has 4 bedrooms. Would you be happy to accept a family If so, say so.

Having said all that, you have a lovely home, in a lovely area, with lovely pets and your listing is well-written. I will eat my :cowboy_hat_face: if you don’t get any applications!

Good Luck!


Thanks so much for your feedback, it is really appreciated.

I will update the public transport part and make that clearer.

Shops are a 3 minute drive away and all major supermarkets offering delivery deliver to our house also.

Thanks again for the advice :blush:

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Google Maps tells me that there is a decent train connection from Blandford Forum to Poole.

Hiya, hmm there isn’t a station at Blandford Forum, you could get a bus to Poole station though

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