New to THS looking for profile input

Hello all,
New to this site and idea, but it sounds like a win/win for those who need sitters and those who want to travel. Just looking for input on my listing. If anyone would be willing to check it out for me, much appreciated. And also once you get an applicant, what’s the next step, how long until you respond to their application? Thanks so much

Hello @trish1 and a very warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

For others to be able to offer you helpful advice and feedback for your listing, you would first need to add your TrustedHousesitters profile on to your Forum profile by following the attached link first

If you are unsure how to do this, or if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help. :blush:

Ha. That shows my newness. I think I may have gotten it figured out. Thanks Trish

Oh my gosh. @trish1 , your dogs are adorable and your place looks amazing! I’m tempted to become a sitter so I can apply :joy: Everything looks good to me, I’m sure sitters will chime in shortly with helpful tweaks if needed.

As for responding, it’s recommended to acknowledge applications as soon as possible, if only to say thanks and you’ll get back to them. Many sitters apply for multiple sits so don’t settle for just anyone, but don’t hesitate too long if you have one that sounds perfect for your sit! I like to read reviews and profiles then ask questions via messaging. Then I schedule a phone or video chat asap with my top choice/s. Be sure to send a nice message to those you decline even though the system sends and automatic one when you confirm a sitter. Hope that helps!

Thanks appreciate your input. When you decide to be a sitter let me know :wink:

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@trish1 Your home and dogs look great! You mention ice skating on the lake! You might want to state what the weather is like during the various seasons. How much snow in February? I would highlight that you are including use of your car. Also, are you willing to pick the Sitter up at the Denver airport? Maybe the Sitter can then drive you to the airport the next day?

Are you aware that once you have received 5 applicants, THS pauses any new applications until you decline some applicants and “unpause” applications? It really is best to respond to applicants within 24 hours, even if only to acknowledge and tell them that you are reviewing applications and will get back to them within X days. I appreciate Owners who expedite the process and make a decision with 7-10 days, so that unchosen Sitters can move on.

Can your dogs be left alone? How many hours?

Hope that helps.

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@trish1 Welcome to the forum. Your home and pups look wonderful. It looks like you have two applicants already. It is best to review the ones you have and if they look promising, you can set up video chats asap. If they are not a fit, please decline them promptly with a short personal thank you message. That will allow more candidates to apply before you reach the 5 Applicant pause. Your posting looks really good. I would modify a few things in the responsibilities section. It appears that you don’t require walks for the dogs, because you mention that you don’t want them to leave the property and that Alice does not like other dogs. If this is the case, you should say something like. “The dogs do not require walks, but should be let out to run in the fenced yard every ??? hours for about ? minutes. It would also be important to list if the sitter must accompany them in the yard or if they can be let out unsupervised in the fenced yard. It would also be good to list how long the dogs can be left alone in the house, so that the sitters can explore the area, and if they need to be crated or restricted while the sitters are out.


Thank you for your advice, it’s appreciated. I made some updates, Trish

Thank you for your input, I made some updates :slight_smile:

@trish1 welcome!
It looks like you’ve taken the advice from others and your sit looks great! If we weren’t already preoccupied, we would apply. We fell in love with St Bernards on a sit in New Zealand.
The use of the vehicle, being picked up at the airport, clear picture of where we’d be staying are all very important to full time travelers like ourselves. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of great applications.
Dan and Nan


Hi @trish1 you are very welcome and as @Shafofo said your dogs are absolutely adorable, your sit looks amazing and having the use of your vehicle is a definite plus!

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