Help! Feedback for our listing

Hi all,

First time posting, but basically myself and my partner are new to THS and have made a listing with multiple dates. We are looking for some constructive feedback on how we may be able to entice others to choose to apply as a sitter, and if there any changes we can make to it so that others would be more attracted to applying.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi @Laura15
Welcome to the wonderful world of housesitting.
The first thing you should do is add your listing to your profile here so that we can see it and give you feedback to improve it if necessary. Here’s how to do that:


Hey @Smiley

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and welcoming us so warmly! I think I have managed to add our listing webpage on our profile.

Is it there?


Yes it’s there. I’m in Australia currently and it’s 0800, but late for you!
I’ll take a look and get back to you and am sure many other members will too :sunglasses:

I see that you have had sitters before so aren’t exactly new. They’ve been very complimentary.
I would suggest that you put pics of Mac and Athena at the beginning, and select the nicest ones. Mac certainly looks a very happy dog.
Do sitters need a car to get to the supermarket? Is there a bus stop/station within walking distance?
How long can Mac be left once he’s had his 45 minute walk? Does he travel well by car? Where does he sleep?
Would you be able to leave a car for sitters to use?
These are just a few things that come to mind but am sure others will offer more tips.

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I had a look at your listing , I notice that you invite sitters to get in touch as your dates are flexible-

You may not be aware that on THS there is no way for a sitter to contact you to ask questions.

Also one of the dates is for 1 night only - which is fine, but will severely reduce the pool of sitters that will be interested- would you be able to host them for extra days either side of the one night ?