New pet parent in need of guidance

Hi i have been on this site for a few weeks now and i have not had much luck with finding a pet sitter for my dog in September. My question is will i be able to find someone when the time is near as i am starting to stress a little any feedback would be helpful.x

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Hi @Gimmie
So that members of the forum can see your listing and offer any feedback they might have, you will have to link your listing to your group forum profile
This is how you do that -


Hi @Gimmie ,

Welcome to THS and the forum. It’s good that you posted here. If you do as @Colin
suggests and add your listing to your forum profile, it will get more visibility and experienced members will give you feedback to help you make it as effective as possible.

Please don’t stress, September is far away. You have plenty of time to get a sitter!

So glad you joined us.


Hi @Gimmie
Congratulations, I see you have a confirmed sitter for your September dates.
We will close this thread now, but do remember that if you have another question, use the spyglass on the top right hand side with some keywords. We also value your contribution, so please feel free to chat on any other threads of interest. There are so many interesting discussions here on the forum, with great advice from all our experienced members.