No sitter applications for our listing 😢

Hi all
We have just joined and posted our first listing yesterday but have received absolutely no applications. I have also messaged lots of people directly and everyone has said they are already busy on our dates. I am not sure if there is something about our listing that is putting people off?
Our dog has separation anxiety so cannot really be left, but other than that he is lovely. I also think we have a nice home, right by the sea so I hope it isn’t that. I would welcome any feedback as I am now worried we will not find anyone for our trip, having already paid out the £150 joining fee :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Thanks in advance

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Hi Laura
I don’t see you having any issue getting a sitter especially as the sit is nearly 2 months away. I’d give it a week or so.
Can I make a suggestion and say while you’ve included some great pics, one of the bathroom is important to many sitters.

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I think it probably just needs more time! I’m a homeowner, not a sitter, but I posted our sit about 3 weeks ago, and in that time we’ve only had two applicants, one of whom disappeared before we got to the point of a video chat. I looked at your listing, and I don’t see any red flags. You have a beautiful home, and it seems like a really nice area to visit! I would give it a little more time before panicking, and I’m sure some of the sitters here will chime in with ideas for tweaking your listing to make it even more enticing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Laurab16

Your home looks lovely and I’m sure your dog is a delight, but if sitters can only leave him for 30 minutes, it sounds like a full time job! Some people might fancy that, but lots of people won’t and - rightly or wrongly - many won’t view it as a fair exchange.

You’ve mentioned friends and family being able to take him and that’s probably a great arrangement, but as a sitter, I know that I would feel really awkward asking for this. That and the 30 minute rule would put me off applying.

Have you tried giving your dog some separation in daycare groups? Could he have a regular play date every couple of days? That would give your sitters some breathing space and maybe your dog would benefit too?

I hope this isn’t too blunt (my blessing and curse) and taken in the constructive way intended! :blush:

Sits in non city locations can often be a little slower to be filled, but hopefully you won’t have to wait too long. Good luck!


Hi @LauraB16 it’s definitely a bit early to get worried as you’ve only had your lisiting live a couple of days. But I have to agree that only being able to leave Chester for 30 minutes will severely limit your applicants. Sitting is a mutual exchange of house/pet care for accommodation to make travel more affordable for the majority of sitters. That means sitters will want to go out and explore your area and go to places you can’t take a dog. Generally if a pet can’t be left for a few hours home owners will find it more difficult to get a sitter. Sitters are generally very organised and independent and will not want to ask others for help minding your pet while they go out sightseeing. Despite how lovely your house and area is (which I’ve recently visited) I would quickly bypass your listing due not being able to leave Chester for more than 30 minutes. I hope you find someone suitable.


Hi @LauraB16 and welcome. I tried to see your listing by using the link but it didn’t work. I note you live in Middleton on Sea so I did a search for a sit in that area and it came back blank.
So as a general point I would say it is very early days and hopefully you will find a sitter who is a perfect fit.

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It looks like a great sit except for the separation anxiety. But I see that you still have 2 months and the listing is very recent, so I wouldn’t despair. What we found quite helpful with one of our more challenging sits: doggy day care twice a week. We could at least have a few hours of rest or more productive work through this arrangement. In your case the sitter might use that time to go shopping or sightseeing. PS: Pips also makes some good points. We get offers for paid sits with doggies who suffer from separation anxiety, but sadly we almost always need to decline since it doesn’t work for us and we want to be responsible (e.g. we would never leave a dog outside a shop, as some HOs have suggested to us that we should do).

Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it. I did wonder if this could be an issue for some, we are working on leaving him for longer but not having a lot of success at the moment. However almost all of the sights around here are dog friendly so I was hoping that a sitter would take Chester along with them as he is very well behaved when out and about and loves a pub! :wink:


Thanks for your feedback Pips, unfortunately the only daycare business in our area recently stopped taking on any new clients. However Chester is more than happy away from home, with other dogs or humans, it is just he cannot be left alone, but we are working on it. My parents both live nearby and I’d be happy for the sitter to text me if they did not feel comfortable texting them directly, and I could arrange a pick up or drop off for them.


thank you, I guess I was just expecting a bit much as it has only been a day and a half! Hopefully we will get some new applications soon :slight_smile:

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thank you for your feedback, I will get one of the bathroom added later on :slight_smile:

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Your listing is lovely. Great home and location. You have been very upfront about your boy’s needs and have some great photos.
It’s early and your dates are a good time of year as well.
Be patient and for me I would change your wording a bit about watering the plants to a statement that is more matter of fact.
“…basic plant care” or some such.
These are your needs, your requirements.
Best wishes.

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Thanks so much Amparo, really appreciate your feedback :blush: :smiley:

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Thanks again for your feedback. I have just added some additional info to the listing to state we are happy to arrange cover with family/friends in advance, if needed. Hopefully this alleviates some of the worry people may have. :smiley:

I have just added some additional info to the listing to state we are happy to arrange cover with family/friends in advance, if needed. Hopefully this alleviates some of the worry people may have. Thanks again for your feedback. :smiley:

I have just added some additional info to the listing to state we are happy to arrange cover with family/friends in advance, if needed. Hopefully this alleviates some of the worry people may have. Thanks again for your feedback. :smiley:

@LauraB16 lovely home and dog, Laura!
Here is my very honest 2 cents: as nomadic sitters, our car is our ‘home’ - it is clean, and all our personal stuff is stored in there. We don’t like (shedding) dogs in our car! It’s really one of our only ‘personal’ things we don’t like sharing. So when you say he can’t be left for longer periods, but it’s easy to load him in the car, and he loves car rides, I’m thinking: “I hope you leave your car for us as he won’t be coming in ours!”


I think if you were able to provide a car that would really increase your likelihood of finding a sitter.
It looks like a sitter could arrive by public transport but if they don’t have a car and Chester can only be left for 30 mins that would be a challenge.
Your home pics are lovely and your location sounds great.

Hi @LauraB16 - Your home, dog and profile look great which makes me think that you will manage to secure a sitter but you will have to be a little patient. The main reason that you have not had applications as quickly as you would have liked is that there are a couple of quite big caveats for anyone offering to sit for you. This means that the normal pool of sitters that would have been interested will have been reduced significantly.

Not being able to leave your dog for more than 30 minutes is a big ask and will result in many sitters not applying but don’t despair, you have plenty of time. You may not be inundated with applications but I am confident that there is a great sitter out there to suit your needs.


Thank you Colin, I appreciate your feedback. You mentioned there were a couple of things which would put people off. Other than not being able to leave him, is there anything else I should be aware of?