Please review my listing - not getting many applications

Hi all

I was wondering if you could review my listing to help make it appeal to more people? I think I live in a lovely part of the UK, but I’m not getting any applications for a listing for half term in October/November.

I have tried inviting people who have liked my profile and some people from the Find a sitter section, but they have all declined (albeit very politely).

Do you think it’s the listing itself or the time of year/length of stay?

Many thanks

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@Clarabel I took a look at your listing and your home is beautiful and pets are gorgeous. I really don’t see any reason you will not have applicants soon. Many are just not applying that far in advance right now unless it is a holiday week.

Couple of suggestions though. You say the dogs can’t be left alone too long. What is the max amount of time they can be left?
Also, do you have a vehicle available for use by the sitter. This can really make the sit more desirable if the sitters are using public transport to get to your sit.

Wishing you luck.

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You home and pets look great I especially like the photo of both dogs on sofa - but I can’t see photos of the bedroom the sitter will sleep in , or the kitchen and bathroom that they will use .
Adding these will definitely help .

Also Oct / Nov is a long way off


OK great. I’ll make some amendments. :slight_smile:


For me it would the time of the year: the weather, the short days. Walks of at least 45 minutes may not be so appealing then.

It can often be lovely in October and the area is gorgeous.

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Ah yes. I understand what you mean. I may have to emphasize the wood burning stove and the hot tub :slight_smile:


Good thinking! I’ll get that sorted. :slight_smile:

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As a sitter I would like to see pictures of sitters bedroom/bathroom/kitchen. These are very important. And to know bed size. I would also like to know how long the dogs can be left during the day. Your comments about walking twice a day plus a lunchtime potty break don’t appear to leave much time for going out…Otherwise I would say your listing is good and should definitely attract sitters. Another point is that your dates are several months away & you still have so much time so don’t worry yet. Many sitters won’t be booking so far ahead. We ourselves are booked up till end of September but are not looking further ahead than that just yet.


A few suggestions : a nice pic of a tidy bedroom where the sitter will be staying and clean bathroom

Picture of a clean kitchen

The photo with the empty? cardboard boxes behind the couch may not give the best impression of the level of tidiness of your home. Little things like that count for some people.

How long can dogs be left alone. How are they on leash ? Where do they sleep ?

I think your house and animals are beautiful.
I am looking for a sit in the dales but I’ve got a holiday in October in Cornwall, so might be a bit close for me.

It may help if you specify the time scale that dogs can be left (I don’t leave dogs for long but have to food shop etc).

Also, the cats bringing animals into the house may be a slight turn off for some people.

Otherwise - looks great. I may well save you for the future, as a lot of sitters do :blush: :blush: :blush:

As a HO, I’ve learned, that sitters aappreciate knowing, where the animals are sleeping at night.

Your place looks lovely!


Beautiful location @Clarabel, great pets, lovely home, what’s not to like. Love to see the bedroom, bathroom & kitchen pics please on all listings we apply for. Is there any chance of lending the sitter a car as it sounds as if transporting the dogs to walks is part of why they need it and a lot of hire cars say no pets allowed (plus it’s super expensive). Half term week will be competitive. Looks like a dream sit! & our fave dog breeds too! If only we were in the UK… best of luck :raised_hands:t3:


Hi Marie - I have updated the description now, so hopefully it sounds a bit better. There’s not a lot I can do about the cats bringing them in. I figure that honesty is the best policy, in that regard. :joy:


I’ve updated it. I’m assuming that’s because some people don’t like sleeping with dogs on their bed? Mine sleep downstairs. :slight_smile:


That’s really helpful, thank you. I hadn’t realised that the dog walk parts read that way. They actually need a walk in the morning and one in the evening and they just need to be let out in the garden for a wee at lunchtime. I’ll rephrase my listing and sort out some more photos. :slight_smile:


Yes, honestly is absolutely the best policy, I agree😊

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@Clarabel the morning & afternoon walks PLUS a ‘wee at lunchtime’ would still interupt a day out- however you word it! So its best to make clear how long the dogs can be left WITHOUT needing to be let out. In our personal experience we’ve found that once we’ve taken the dogs out for the morning walk they don’t need an extra break at lunch time and could last a few hours- usually 4-5 (assuming no separation issues- just normal doggies). When we are on a sit we, personally, would rarely even want to be out for long days but its important for sitters to feel they are not tied to the house!

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Don’t worry - adding a couple of extra photos of the bedroom & bathroom will improve your listing but your area is beautiful and your home and pets look lovely. If you don’t get applications soon I will eat my :cowboy_hat_face:


I agree with others that a few additional internal photos to show sitters where they would sleep or cook would be good. Otherwise it’s a great listing in a beautiful part of the world.

I think it may just be that sitters aren’t looking that far ahead yet. We sit in school holidays but wouldn’t normally start looking for sits until maybe a couple of months in advance. Having said that, we are returning to a regular sit in October half term this year. If we weren’t, your’s is exactly the type of sit we would apply for. Especially as I was born and grew up in York and know your area well from then!

I’m sure you will get applications and look forward to hearing you’ve confirmed your first sitter!