Hi From Scotland's Far North

Thank you for that information. We did use to provide a car and we’ve had a couple of sitters who’ve made use of it both from the USA but their international driving licences cover them when we added them to our insurance so I’ll bear that in mind if we get any sitters this time.

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OK, between the gorgeous dogs, lovely cat, chickens, great house, excellent reviews, and fantastic location - we’ve finally succumbed.
You’re now in our “favourites” :blush:
The Dec dates are a possibility but nearly 9 months ahead is a bit too far in advance for us to plan. Good to know there are homeowners in the far north of Scotland!


Hi Myhnabird,
that’s good to hear! It’s a bit of a catch 22 with the December dates for us in that we can’t go ahead and book the flights for our trip (hopefully to Antigua with my sister and brother-in-law) until we know we have secured house sitters but I totally understand that in this strangely unsettled world we’re now living in, it’s not so easy to plan too far ahead.

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