HOs please be Transparent in your Welcome Guides and video chats

Tempting to report the HO @Happypets for not reporting the behavioural issues as per Ts & Cs too. #cheekyresponse


Sounds like a creep who’s trying to shed their responsibilities for posting a sit without transparency.


I’d be tempted to reply with …

We have no additional requirements other than the THS T&Cs which all members sign up to which include that hosts must provide accurate listings and disclose all issues with their pets behaviour in their home listing.

But it’s not worth it…


@Silversitters No, it’s really not worth it.

For info, the sit has now gone. One just has to wonder whether the appointed sitter asked the questions, or whether they’re in for a surprise. Maybe they will overlook it, as the sit is in a prime location (south of France).

This info was absent from the listing but may possibly have been included in the welcome pack (who knows?), but transparency should start with the listing, for everyone’s sake. Perhaps the listing format should include 'Pet Behaviours / Medical issues, so that PPs can’t so easily ignore or omit key facts?


Jings :woman_shrugging:

@Happypets :woman_facepalming: