Your take on welcome guides

The last 2 sits, there is no welcome guide. When I ask they say oh yeah, will have it filled out. I arrive and ask again, they tell me it’s easier to write instructions on paper as things always change?

I find it irresponsible to do this as the site, including myself doesn’t have up to date information. What if something happens?

Plus I dont have to ask questions, and refer to the guide first. Thoughts?

Hi @GoldenGurl. I always ask for the guide during our video chat and let the homeowner know how important it is for me to be able to review it prior to arriving at the sit. If I don’t have it by a week or two before the sit’s to start, I send a message reconfirming my arrival plans and again asking for the guide. I’ve only not received it once, and there were so many details to follow as they were elderly pets on meds, etc. Whenever I ask I always say it really does help me prepare and make the most of our time together before the homeowner leaves.

For the most part the things included in the guide shouldn’t change much over time.

Homeowners, do you agree?


We don’t mind whether there’s a welcome guide or all the info on Google docs or written down as long as it’s somewhere. About half have done the WG for us and half not although they’ve nearly all said it’s clunky and a pain to complete.


I personally don’t mind whatever way the info is provided. We’ve had sits where nothing was written down. We have our own list of questions, write down the answers when we’re with the owners, so as long as we know all there is to know, it’s fine.
This is of course all in case you meet the owners before they leave!

We had a sit where there was no handover and we got the relevant info by video via Whatsapp when we were in the train towards the sit and the owners were already away. It worked out fine, but not the handiest option.


HO/sitter here.

I will badger HOs for a welcome guide, if necessary. For me, it’s essential to have one and the template is a good prompt for new HOs to realise that asking someone to look after their pet and home is a very big deal! There will be things in there that they haven’t yet thought about.

I also believe that as a safety net, everything should be officially documented.
In the case where someone claims that they ‘thought they’d told me’ something, or if, as a home owner, I have a sitter break my rules - as I have unfortunately experienced - I’d far rather have a solid paper trail to refer back to and no grey areas.


I feel the same as you. Providing all of the relevant information such as the animals’ feeding routines, vet details etc is all written down somewhere for me to refer to, I don’t worry too much about the welcome guide. I have a regular in fact who has never at any point filled in the welcome guide but I’ve always had all the relevant info given so it’s never been too much of an issue for me. I suppose it all comes down to personal preference.

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I’ve done a few sits with instructions in a booklet or word document, etc. I prefer the Welcome Guide. With it, I know exactly where to locate specific info and I don’t have to search thru a booklet, binder or whatever. I’ve also done a few sits where there was no info given beyond what was in the original ad for the sit…funny, those are the same people who never get around to leaving a review!

I prefer thewelcome guide as I refer to it when needed. Better than asking questions that are already available. I agree its based on preference. However when it comes to legalities and emergencies, it’s essential. I also contract out for paid gigs and there is an extensive guide, peace of mind for everyone. Thanks everyone.

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I like a welcome guide that covers the basics. They can send me a list of things that might be specific to the time I will be there separately. And they can send passwords needed separately if they don’t want to include those in the welcome guide. I do prefer something in writing as I’m a list maker.