Please read the Welcome Guide

I try very hard to make my welcome guide comprehensive. It’s very clear when a sitter has not read it. The best way to tell? Put the wifi code in the guide. If they ask you for it first thing they haven’t looked at the guide!


:rofl::clap:t2: you’re right!

Problem, some owners don’t always fill it… Explanations⁰s given ? " No time", or “i prefer mine”
As an owner i’ve filled it and updated it (when a pet has died) ; as a sitter i request the home book and If i don’t get it, i send all my questions to be filled (the forum was a great help with sitters’ advices)

@CapeCodder yes if a HO has gone to the trouble to put together the WG, as sitters of course we should study it carefully; it might raise questions we need answered for a smooth sit and a good WG will mean we arrive at the sit having a pretty good idea of what we are working with; its in our own interest to go through the WG carefully and make notes and contact the HO before the sit if something needs clarifying.


I’m an owner new to THS who has just found and confirmed a (wonderful!) long term Sitter here. I am hoping to craft a really good owners manual for our house here. I have written whole Franchise Operating Manuals in the past and I actually think I might get a bit overly obsessive about it … I wondered if you might be able to message me your list of questions?! I’m using the template provided but I can never have enough input! :’) Thanks very much Sarah