House sits in Europe

Why are there so few house sits in Europe? There used to be quite a few.

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If you’re talking about the continent, the UK is one of them and other countries too, so I think there’s a lot a lot of sits in the UK alone

i’m seeing more sits in europe than ever before. but obviously they’re more common in some countries than in others.


There are 10013 sits posted at this moment in Europe. How many more would you like?

Boring Sunday morning so what do I do count the sits in Europe!


I think you need to narrow down where in Europe you are referring and dates.

I just looked at France, and there are 89 sits posted, 50 in Spain, 14 in Portugal…

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Sorry about the complaint - I was looking too far ahead for a specific time frame.


Maybe I’m looking too far ahead for the winter. I do have a sit confirmed for Switzerland in December/January.

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Hello @KRISJON. Welcome to the forum. I’m jealous – Switzerland will be gorgeous in the winter. Just keep looking. I’ve seen a few winter European sits already, although many homeowners are too busy enjoying their summer plans at the moment to start laying plans for winter.

Happy travels.
Karen E

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I agree, there always seem to be way fewer sits in continental Europe, especially compared to the UK. We are always on the watch for sits in France and Italy but they are few and far between (for our dates).

yeah, i think it’s too soon for that time frame for most HOs.

There are definitely way fewer in continental europe than in the UK, but I still think there are more now than there has been in the past.

I own an apartment in Reykjavik that I share with two young gay men. When I planned three trips I wasn’t sure of their travel plans but wanted to line up a sitter for my cat in case they would be away. I advertised that one or both tenants might be here and was inundated with applications! The three woman who came enjoyed meeting the boys - and one arranged to stay a week longer when one had to go home to Switzerland due to a death in his family.

Hello @KRISJON and thank you for this feedback. I’ve moved it here onto your original thread as there wasn’t a question as such for a new topic.

You were fortunate to find your sitters, as TrustedHousesitters has a policy now where no third parties are allowed to be in the house at the time of a sit. I’ve popped a share of the information below so that you know for another time :slight_smile:

All the best, Vanessa and the forum team

@Pawtastic I believe this policy means it would not be permitted to advertise with this in a TrustedHousesitters listing. It generally stops most of these situations from arising, which many sitters find uncomfortable. In my mind it’s there as a safety measure for members as all sorts of complications can arise from having other people in the property on a sit. It’s generally respected I think.

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