House sitting close to home

We have over the years house sat in some amazing places especially in Europe through THS. Sometimes the best opportunities can be much closer to home like this one overlooking Hood Canal 10 miles from Our home here in Washington State.


What a beautiful view! Sometimes it’s nice to just get away and have a change of scenery - even if it is just a few miles up the road. We enjoy traveling close to home almost as much as far away. Much more fuel efficient :wink:


I totally agree @Dennis and a few years ago when my father was ill we returned from our travels to the UK and to be on hand, we did a year of shorter sits in England discovering many places we’d never before visited, but some were also in towns and villages just a short drive from where we’d previously lived before selling up. Every time without exception, the perspective was different - we always saw something new. It’s actually quite interesting (we found) to house sit and have time to explore a place you’ve previously lived in, just because you have to time to see it through fresh eyes.

I’m a big advocate of house sits close to home, perfect for new sitters who want to make sure that house sitting is for them, no concerns about travel delays or restrictions (particularly relevant currently) and the familiarity of culture and environment means you can quickly relax. Of course, I also love the excitement and challenge of overseas travel, but there is a lot to be said for “house sitting close to home” !!


We have been travelling for many months through Switzerland since we first got stuck there during the second lockdown. Never expected to travel so extensively in the most expensive country in the world!

Since i’m a THS member i made several sits locally, 100, 60, even 22km only close to my home. Often shorts (under one week)

It helped me to get references under Covid times and my husband (who keeps our own pets when i’m away) can visit me for lunch and go back home easily.

I have been invited a few times by foreign owners who live in the south of France to sit when they tried to find a sitter for a long week end, decided shortly. Not easy to attract sitters living far away…

I wonder whether owners pay attention to the duration of my local sits. In 2 or 3 days a sitter usually does not face many issues… in 3 weeks we may prove we can cope with emergencies

I’ve been visiting CH since 1972 and have done three house sits there. It was affordable back in the 70’s and 80’s and far far less tour buses everywhere. Still the most beautiful place that I have ever been though. We are looking for a specific area next year fo a house sit.


And the house was amazing too with a big cinema room. We watched movies every night on the huge screen with an amazing sound system. They already asked us back.


Howdy, neighbor!
Waves from Seattle

There’s a farm sit listed on TH super close to us & probably can see their property from the well known trail down the road :+1:. We can’t do the dates but am going to meet up w them as possible other dates work :slightly_smiling_face:.