How long should a sitter's response take?

Hi, thanks for that. Apparently it’s fixed now, but I can’t view as a potential sitter. Would you mind having a look at it again to see if the feedback reviews and dates are now showing. Need sitter from 7-14 June and 16-27 July. Thanks

Hi, the two sitters I had both left nice reviews, not sure what is happening there. My welcome pack should also be there, and lots of pictures of house and dogs. Will have to see what’s gone wrong. I didn’t think I was too bad technology wise, but it appears that’s not the case…

Mystery solved, they had your link initially showing someone else’s home. It is now showing your home so all your pictures, dates etc are all showing fine. Love your dog pics.
Obviously you are looking for sitters who don’t mind getting up early to let the dogs out and that will of course will rule some people out but lots don’t mind that.
Hope you find the right sitter soon.

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They are improving, when we first came back and there were 3 of them, they were getting me up around 4!!! Ironically, it was the sitters at Christmas that cured them of that… maybe I need to get eye masks for them, as it’s the light mornings that is getting them up early now, winter is a different story… as African dogs, they don’t like the cold and wet!

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The welcome pack is only viewable once you share it with confirmed sitters I believe.

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Thanks, I had forgotten that!

That’s fine as long as they read it in the first place, as above I’ve also had the experience on several occasions where owners have placed a sit but never read my response :flushed:

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I never have my phone far from me so I usually reply within the hour, if not sooner :joy: Except when I’m sleeping of course hahahaha! Even if I don’t get the sit, I always reply to thank them for considering me. It’s all about old fashioned manners.


I wish everybody was as considerate as you!
It’s also really annoying when people don’t update their calendar, as they are often showing available, but when you then invite them, they come back and say they are already booked…:rage::rage:

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The system automatically updates sits booked through TH but we can’t update it with other unavailable dates such as our own holidays, sits for others outside TH etc


Thanks ellieh. Actually, I get all of my invitations to sit when my calendar is showing booked, I do keep it up to date. I always reply though and thank the HO very much for the invite. As many have said, the calendar thing seriously needs looking at.

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Heck, I reply IMMEDIATELY. I am getting lots of sit invites at the moment (even tho my calendar shows I am not available at those times) but I ALWAYS, ALWAYS reply with courtesy and a polite message.


Thanks, I have actually amended the car bit as my last sitters came in the train and brought bikes with them.
I think they raised the network of helpful neighbours bit as I had ended up in hospital with emergency surgery so my actual trip was cancelled, but it meant my dogs could get out of kennels and be home with the sitters so my friends and neighbours had helped out with picking up, cleaning, switching heating on etc etc while I was languishing in ICU!!

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@ellieh we are so sorry to hear of your hospitalization but what a great helpful community network you have and we hope that you are doing much better and that the dogs are OK …

Get well soon …

Angela and the Team

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I will say this for response time. As a sitter, I recently applied to a great sit and it seemed as tho I was the only applicant. The HO didn’t respond right away, but once he did and I thought we were about to lock it down, he disappeared for three days more. This is not how I roll. No matter how busy people are - and we are ALL busy - everyone has their phone on them at all times. I rescinded my app with no explanation - bec it seemed rude to say, “sorry but you’re slow af, good luck with that, BYE.” I know we are all different but losing a good sitter may be the price you pay for being so slow to respond and coming off as indifferent.


Agreed, and whether it’s a yes or a no from a sitter, I will always respond and thank them for getting back to me.


Thank you, all fine now, and the February trip to see my father is now rescheduled for June, hence the sitter requirements! The friends network I have here are all ex Botswana, so we are pretty tight and are always there for each other.
Ow all I need is a sitter, or they are off to the kennels!


have you considered trying some of the country specific platforms if you cannot get a sitter through THS this time? It is another expense but having said that they are not as expensive as THS and definitely cheaper than kennels

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I’m with you all the way! I invited over twenty sitters and had booked kennels but eventually found a wonderful couple. Not sure if I’ll rejoin though.

Hi @kingsmill2 Rupes is adorable, you live in a wonderful part of the country and have enjoyed great sitters who have left wonderful reviews

“I recommend this sit to anyone who would like to spend time in a beautiful home in a charming Cotswolds village with a gorgeous dog for company” - Kaylene

This year, the first one could call “normal” to a degree, is different COVID is still part of the equation for some but it is normalizing and so don’t be disheartened, international sitters are coming back and there are more sitters looking at domestic sits, albeit a little later than usual so please stay in the community … we’d miss you both if you left.