How long should a sitter's response take?

Hiya, just adding my twopenneth… i always try to reply within 24 hours at the latest. Especially if i cant do a sit. Its even more important if you can’t do a sit to tell the owners.

I would say if you’ve not heard within 24 hours ask someone else.

Just manners isn’t it to reply quickly :blush:


I know! I always ask if they can respond soonest, whether it’s yes or no. And when they do respond with a decline, I always answer with a thank you.
Unfortunately not everyone has the same definition of “manners” these days!

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Hi - you are not old fashioned Ellie - I too have the same frustrations. As you say, a simple “sorry not available” takes 5 seconds to type. I’m sure it works both ways of course, that home owners can be discourteous too. I have 3 dates on the system that I cannot fill and have also questioned the worthiness of the subscription. I have received feedback from one of the sitters that the London sits are very popular and also the long term sits. Fingers crossed for us!

@JulieF Hello and welcome to the forum. It may help to add your listing to your forum profile so that forum members can give constructive feedback. For many homeowners here it’s made for great success. I’ll add the instructions below:

How to add a link to your listing in your forum username/profile

It does become a vicious cycle though. I am a homeowner. While I am waiting for a sitter to respond and confirm I don’t want to decline the other potential sitters. So it keeps compounding when everyone is waiting for everyone.


Alison - you reach out to a sitter and while you’re waiting for a reply another sitter applies - why not proceed with the second sitter if they seem to be a good fit? A bird in the hand, and all that. The chance of the first sitter being available is really small, and it makes no sense to miss out on an interested sitter. It’s unlikely the first sitter will be offended, even if they do get back to you positively.


Have you considered paying a dog-sitter to stay in your home? Perhaps a college student who is home for the summer would love to make some money, and your dogs could stay home? I have found in the US that many of the dog walking companies also provide dog-sitting services.

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Hi @ellieh I took a look at your listing and would suggest you remove the ‘sitters needs a car’ tag. I wasn’t familiar with your area so I searched it and see that there are lots of public transit options to reach Gillingham. I would suggest you add some information on options to reach Gillingham without a vehicle and perhaps offer to pick up and return to a location at a reasonable distance from you. You could even say ‘within X miles of our home’, for example. Also, you mention a supermarket within walking distance and your sits could easily be shopped for in one go, especially if you were willing to take them to the supermarket before you left. I think this would open up your sit to many more sitters.

I’m currently finishing a one-week sit and have hardly left home. I’m in a lovely location and am content to be at home most of the time. You may attract a similar type of sitter. Not everyone wants to be a tourist and venture out, when they are more likely to need a vehicle.

If you have a standard membership, keep in mind you can also boost your listing.

As sitters we also belong to several other house sitting sites - there’s one specifically for the UK - you may want to try that. It’s free for home owners looking for sitters.

For the first time I am not getting any respones from sitters. There are so many, and this is the first time this has happened. Very frustrating!
Kathleen Sullivan

Really? I thought people would be upset if I said yes to them then went with someone else.

I have been dealing with slow responders for my current sit for two weeks and I am at my wit’s end.

I am going to definitely take your advice and let the first suitable person to confirm win!

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Hi, I have removed the needs a car from the profile. I am about 20 minutes walk from station and town, but yes, a supermarket is 5 minutes walk. Last sitters came by train and brought bikes.

Could you give me the website for the other site you mentioned. Would much appreciate, thanks.


I totally agree - I was suggesting this to the OP :slight_smile: is one

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Thanks, will try them


Thank you, I have added the link.

Hi @JulieF That’s great that you’ve now added a link to your listing in your username. Now members - sitters and homeowners - can give constructive suggestions. You may also want to look at Angela’s 10 tips and get some ideas from there. I hope all goes well for you.

Thanks very much for your feedback. I will amend the part about looking for a regular sitter, but 4 hours remains the limit that Charlie can be left. She’s an active Border Collie. We have had a bad experience in the past when a sitter said she would remain at home and then left Charlie for hours on end (up to 8 hours which no dog should be left) and our carpet was ripped up and it was extremely distressing. A sitter has plenty of opportunity to explore the local area with Charlie on walks.

I will add a picture of the bedroom too.

Thanks again.

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Hi @Julie
It is quite common to see listings where the dog cannot be left longer than 4 hours so that wont put a dog lover off applying. In fact, it is rare to see a listing where the dog can be left longer.

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