How long should a sitter's response take?

Hi @JulieF That’s great that you’ve now added a link to your listing in your username. Now members - sitters and homeowners - can give constructive suggestions. You may also want to look at Angela’s 10 tips and get some ideas from there. I hope all goes well for you.

Thanks very much for your feedback. I will amend the part about looking for a regular sitter, but 4 hours remains the limit that Charlie can be left. She’s an active Border Collie. We have had a bad experience in the past when a sitter said she would remain at home and then left Charlie for hours on end (up to 8 hours which no dog should be left) and our carpet was ripped up and it was extremely distressing. A sitter has plenty of opportunity to explore the local area with Charlie on walks.

I will add a picture of the bedroom too.

Thanks again.

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I wouldn’t read too much into the four hour thing to be honest.

Most listings I read state they don’t want any dog left for over four hours so I think this is very normal in my experience. :+1:

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Hi @Julie
It is quite common to see listings where the dog cannot be left longer than 4 hours so that wont put a dog lover off applying. In fact, it is rare to see a listing where the dog can be left longer.

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Hello, we have just joined and excited to be a part of this international community. Finding it a bit slow to get any form of response for the various applications we have made and see that the folks have not even READ the messages after 3 days …which kind of makes it a little disappointing. AirBnB for example really pushes folks with emails and reminders to respond,…anyway hope it is as good as it looks and we never have to use kennels again and can discover new places with this new more ‘homely and pet lover’ ambiance…Cheers to you all…

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I wish that we could put the other dates we are unavailable for reasons other than being booked with THS.

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I have looked on both web and app and regularly find messages I have sent have not been read a week or so after I submitted them, also where they have been read relatively quickly but then either no response, or a response over a week later. Neither of which is much help if you are trying to coordinate dogs, flights, and kennels…
I actually registered for the site that was recommended by Liz, and have now found sitters for both my June and July dates. On that site, only the sitters pay a joining fee, so as an owner, I am not having to make two payments membership wise.
On the other issue that has been raised, I would not normally leave my dogs for longer than 4-5 hours. I can’t go longer than that for a bathroom break, and I am sure their bladders are smaller than mine!

Hi @ExploreDreamDiscover You may want to take a look at this thorough post about the sitter availability calendar.

Also, here’s an example of the type of update you mention.

I’ll look at doing this. Thanks!

Many thanks for all these comments.

I am a little frustrated. I think it would be nice for a sitter or HO to respond to a message. It is discouraging to open the inbox and see that a message has been read but there is no response. Even a “No”, or “I’ll think about it” would be great. I don’t want to send a second message to someone when they haven’t responded to the first because I don’t want to seem a pest.
A BIG thank you to those who drop a quick “We’re already booked” or some other response. I do appreciate that as I am sure other HO do also. The same for sitters. I assume it is hard to be left hanging without knowing if you’re being considered for a position.
Just ranting, thanks… :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @ellenaj
Yes, I completely agree with you and this has been discussed quite a lot on the forum. In my experience it’s only a few owners who are discourteous, also I believe there are sitters too who don’t respond to owners. Sometimes I’ve written again and stated that I can see they’ve read my application so could they kindly respond….Best probably to move on and ignore them as it’s a bit of a red flag!


That is an excellent idea. I will use that in the future. 2-3 days is fine.

When we recently applied for 8 last minute sits after ours was cancelled, I ended the application by saying that given the short notice, we were applying for multiple sits in the same time period and if they are interested in having us as sitters, to let us know ASAP.

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I always have my phone with me so always reply quickly .I’m retired so maybe have more time on my hands.though sometimes doesn’t feel like it ha ha always so much to do .

Thanks for all the responses, we actually just joined and at first the feedback was very slow, then suddenly got a good few responses. Excited to go and do our first sit next week. Cheers for now.