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What do owners do if a sitter who seemed really keen and had engaged in numerous messages as well as sharing mobile phone contact details, then stops responding to messages? We had agreed to set up a video chat but had yet to set a date for this. The sitter has now gone off radar for a few weeks despite repeated polite requests asking them to let us know either way whether they are still interested. Of course, this now lets me know they are unreliable so I am very unlikely to accept their application even if they do get back in touch but why would someone do this?

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Since it’s been several weeks, they most likely have lost interest or found something they like better. And they’re inconsiderate, too. Either way, you dodged a bullet.


Two three days is acceptable but weeks that’s so bad gives us sitters a bad doesn’t take much to text and or message.even if something unforeseen happens.


Did you decline their application in the email at this point? Just curious.


We haven’t declined her yet but that is my intention. I wanted to give her the chance to explain I guess

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If we, as sitters, are interested in a sit, we make sure we check our messages frequently. It’s competitive out there! If you don’t hear back in 24-48 hours, call it a loss and move on to someone who responds quickly and clearly wants to do the sit.


You can decline and the sitter can still email you. I wonder if that would initiate a reply from the sitter. Just a thought.
I see this process as being kinda like juggling job offers and interviews. One may wait for a sure bet before they turn diwn interviews and offers.

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I know everyone is thinking the worst about rudeness from the sitter but you must also consider that something could have happened causing the sitter to be unable to respond. Illness, accident or even worse. Let’s all try to look at the entire picture before thinking the worst (or in this case, might be the best…rudeness vs. something tragic).


@Rachel_Devon - I am reading it correctly you have not confirmed the sitter yet?

If that is the case I am guessing the sitter has found another sit - it would be polite of them to let you know but it should not take weeks of to-and-fro messages before you confirm - Once we get into a positive conversation with a home host we would expect to have been confirmed within a couple of days maximum


That is my experience generally too. With this sitter we exchanged messages for a couple of days but asked her to give us a few days to plan a video call as we were very busy at work that week. She agreed & gave us 2 mobile numbers for contact. When I tried to get back in touch as agreed, there was no reply. As someone has suggested, I was worried in case something had happened so sat back & waited, tried to message via mobile as well as THS inbox but nothing. I hope she is ok. I have now declined the sit and we have no sitter for our trip in March.

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@Rachel_Devon I am sure you will be able to find someone. I took a look at your member profile and might suggest your lead pic be of the pets. This can be a real eye catcher! Also, I see you say the sitter needs a car. Are you able to offer your car while they are there? This can really help attract more sitters.

I would also suggest you link your member profile to your forum profile for added exposure. To do so, just click How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Owner & Sitter Exchange - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum.

Good luck!

Hi @Rachel_Devon. I guess there are two issues here:

  1. Finding a new sitter
  2. Understanding what happened with the previous applicant.

For the first, please consider @Debbie-L’s advice and add your profile link as her link instructs. Then other members can give constructive criticism on your listing, including tips for finding a new sitter. Once you’ve added your profile link, you can reply here or just make a new topic with an appropriate title.

For the second, it depends. Some people are fine just moving on, some just need a reasonable belief that everything is okay, and some just really really want to know and check under every rug.

  • If you’re the first case, then we’re done.
  • If the second case, then here’s a possible scenario: a friend of mine is very confrontation-averse. If he were this potential sitter, he might have come up with a reason not to do the sit—from a hunch to a better sit to financial troubles—and he might just not reply to any texts because he knows he let the PP down and wouldn’t know what to say. I’m trying to help him adopt more of a growth mindset, but the point is he’s fine overall but he wouldn’t reply.
  • In the third case, well honestly I think it’d be faster if you PM me and we can brainstorm. There are lots of things one could try, but if you don’t care then we can both save time and move on.

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