Sitter responses

I am new to this site, have had one sitter who was wonderful. My question is I have had two sitters request sits, I responded as soon as I got the notification to both communications and then just crickets!!, in both cases I had confirmed the sits and got nothing. I guess I’m not understanding why they would contact me, and then not provide me with the courtesy of a response as to if they can or cannot sit. How long should I wait before declining the sitter?

Hello @Petunia1 - sorry I don’t understand the issue? Sitters can’t request to sit. We can only apply or be invited by an HO. Did you invite them and then they disappeared? Or did they apply and then not respond to the follow up message from you? Need a bit more info to offer advice please :thinking:

They applied, I responded, they asked when would be a good time to call, I gave them a time, I confirmed the sit for one of them after ready the reviews. I reached out a day later to ask if she was still interested, she did respond yes and that she would call in the evening. Nothing since then, for me communication and response is very important, I can’t have someone who is house sitting and doesn’t feel it’s important to respond to me.

None of us can know their reasons and it seems like you answered your own Q: You want better communications than they’ve offered, so it seems like you should move on from them.


Yes, agree with @Maggie8K - good comms is key to this whole lifestyle. They’re not a fit. Decline and move onto better things @Petunia1 :+1:t3:


Ok, so I got a call from the person who hadn’t responded, we talked and I asked her what was up , about not responding to my initial response. She told me that she never saw my initial response to her? That this had happened before and that there were issues with the app itself. So anyway it turned out ok, sit is confirmed and we are set. I don’t know if this has happened to others so I emailed the issue to the contact email for the site.


That’s great @Petunia1 - all’s well that ends well. Probably good plan to report the non messages to support. Just shows how valuable swapping numbers as early as possible is for us all! Happy sit & travels :raised_hands:t3:

Well played !

I wish this was simpler, but you did great, and I’m very happy to hear that you secured a sitter. Fingers crossed that everything goes as smoothly for the rest of the sit!