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Hello! Being new to THS, I am throwing out a question. I have had one great sitter in August and another scheduled in November. I recently posted new dates and since the sit was only 2 days and one night, I invited a sitter who had saved my listing and lives pretty close. She responded immediately that she would love to! I needed someone in the morning but she couldn’t make it until later afternoon. I told her I would get back to her in a couple days to see if I could make that work. Four days later and she still hasn’t responded to my messages encouraging her to apply. Is there a delay in these messages being sent? Should I just move on and invite someone else? Thanks for the advice!

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Personally, I would move on. Some people just need more time to respond than others, but during the application process we usually don’t wait longer than 48 hours (as sitters). Both sitters and HOs also occasionally ghost people and you’ll never hear from them again (if they even acknowledged you in the first place), while others are super responsive and respectful.

@Charlize1 can you tell if she has read your messages? You will see that below the message as either “unread” or “read”. If read and has not responded then I would definitely move on. If not, it is your call as to what you want to do…some people will change their minds and unfortunately, aren’t polite enough to follow through.

Good luck!

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I just heard back, she said the app kept crashing on her, does this happen sometimes?

Hi @Charlize1 …SO glad to hear you heard back! This is not something sitters or pet parents do very often so I am just happy you were able to connect! Is everything on track now?

Yes, I guess I am curious about the app crashing and the time between me posting a reply and the sitter receiving it?