Applicants Not Responding

Hello all!

I’m wondering if others have had this experience? I have 2 applicants, and I’ve reached out to both. One never responded at all, but they did read it. The second has responded a few times and wanted to set up something for this past weekend. I think they last messaged on a Wednesday. I responded right away with some options for a Saturday chat. They never responded, though they did read it. I pinged them again. Saturday came. I messaged asking if Sunday was better. They never responded. It’s now Monday.

I’m getting increasingly stressed as I really need a sitter. We are actually traveling with friends who would normally watch our pets, and have no family nearby.

I don’t want to incessantly message and bother anyone, but also wonder why apply for something and then just ghost.

Any thoughts or advice?

  • I would keep a lookout for more applicants and move as though those two are lost causes.
  • if it’s close to your dates, you may be able to ask for TH forum admin to post on here.
  • Boost your listing on TH
  • see if anyone has favourited your listing and invite them directly
  • see if there are any local sitters on TH close to you and invite them directly
  • start looking for paid sitters in your area that would be able to come and care for your pets.

I’m future, post your sit earlier so you have ample time to find the right HS for you without the presssure.


Great points from @bakindoki. Be sure to decline those two applicants so that your sit goes down to zero applicants instead of 2. And perhaps deactivate your listing for a few minutes and re-list your dates so that it shows up as a new listing - this will attract more sitters again.


Thank you! All great advice.

I did post this at the end of last year, so about 2 months notice. I tried to give as much notice as I could.

Can I ask what you mean by boost your listing?

And also how to check who saved my listing? I was trying to find that this morning on the app. Wondering if perhaps I need to do that through the browser instead?

@kassi if you attach your listing to your forum profile , the forum members can give suggestions to attract more applications.

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Yes…in web browser…

  1. in the menu, this option:

  2. on the page where you add dates, boost button: