Not getting any new applicants

I am new and seemed to be off to a great start with several people saving my page. I got an applicant and approved her but I got zero communication from her. I wrote her with a question and got no response even though it showed that she read it. I wrote and said she was probably busy but communication was important to me and I’d like to hear from her. She wrote back and cancelled the sit. Since then I have not gotten any new applicants or saves. I contacted the people who saved but they were no longer available. I’ve changed the title, but still nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

@teecee , it seems like you skipped a few steps in the process and the sitter may have been unsure about it and walked away. This is quite understandable as it’s your first time. Generally, there are a few emails on the THS email platform between the owner and the prospective sitter. Then if the owner wants to proceed, they exchange phone numbers and set up a phone or video call to get a better feel and answer questions. If things feel right after that, the owner confirms the sitter, the sitter accepts and the sit is set.

Why don’t you add your listing to your forum profile. Then those of us on the forum will be able to see it and give you feedback. Here are the directions:
[How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile](https://How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile)

Also, read the forum. This will help you learn how things work. You can search a topic or question by clicking on the little magnifying glass icon on the upper right.


I think you are spot on. I should have engaged her in some conversation before accepting her. then I could have seen her reply time response and get a feel for how she might jive with what I am looking for in a pet sitter.

When I was newer to this site, I applied for a catsit and next morning woke up to a confirmation to sit. I was hesitant to accept thinking we should at least talk. It put a bit of doubt wondering “why was the homeowner say yes without a video call or a phone call” I did respond saying I wanted to talk to her first and it put my mind at ease. But then throughout the next 2 months I had other situations like that again where they don’t talk to me but send the invite so I haven’t thought too much about it. But the point is, I responded to the homeowners and this sitter of yours didn’t. I think you should feel glad and find someone who communicates better but yes, at least ask them some questions or talk first to see how they do with communication

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I would also consider offering a car as your location is fairly remote. It’ll take sitters quite a journey to get to you and rental cars can be expensive. You might also consider making it family friendly as you could get more applicants that way and it looks like it would be a wonderful stay for a family. However, November is still a ways away so you have plenty of time to get more applicants.

@teecee , Your listing looks good. And you can do the Lindy Hop? That is absolutely awesome! Your dates are not until November and it’s only for a one-week stay, so many people will wait until it gets closer to apply. I think you might see more interest come September. If you haven’t found someone by then, make a small edit to your listing which will move it back up to the front of the search results.

I think you should change your first picture to one of those that shows the back or front of the house. And you can probably delete some of the kitty pictures. You have 14 and as all of the cats are black, you probably only need one pic of each of them.

I also think you should play up your beautiful area. Paulsbo is known as “Little Norway.” Mention the pastries (Scandinavia is known for it’s pastries!), water sports, markets, etc. I found this link with lots of tourist information you could include.


Thanks for taking the time to respond. Your comments are reassuring.

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Thanks for your feedback. It is much appreciated. I am not ready to offer my car or have a family. I think I would just hire a pet sitter if it comes to that.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at my listing. I appreciate your suggestions. I did change the cover picture and delete some of the cat pictures. I also will add some shots of the wooded area of of place and the walking trail around the property. I like your idea about posting more about the area. Not sure how to add the article about Poulsbo but I’ll try and figure that out. I also will try to wait until September before I start to get worried. Thanks again! I so appreciate your feedback!


I suggest you delete your dates and the re-list so that it shows up as new again.

Oh, will I lose all the people that saved my sit? I do have one woman I reached out to that sounds interested! We have made contact and going slower this time. But if it doesn’t work out and I don’t get anything new, I’ll try that! Great idea.

@teecee just remember you do still have almost four months and folks will probably be applying by the end of August to set up their Fall sits.

Thanks. That is good to know though I was surprised at how some people I reached out to were already booked up to next year.

No. In fact, everyone who saved it will get notified of the “new” dates.

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Some folks like to book ahead. Not everyone.

Personally, I have great reviews and zero interest in booking sits far ahead. Why: 1. I take commitments seriously and know that HOs are depending on me once I agree to sit, so I’ll show up unless I’m incapacitated or such. 2. I value flexibility, so I don’t want to book anything so far ahead that I might not be in the mood to do it then.


Thanks! That’s good to know. I will do that.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. That’s very reassuring.