Thank you!

A few days ago I had posted that I had not received any applications for a sit. I had started making “cold calls” with no luck.
Forum members came forward, looked at my post and made suggestions.
I made the recommended changes, bumped up my listing. By evening, I had my first potential (and later confirmed) sit.
Since then, I have had 6 more saves and 2 more offers to sit!
I just want to reach out and say thank you to anyone who has made the time to help others, you make a difference!


congratulations @macahayes ,
good to hear it’s worked out for you




Congratulations @macahayes :clap:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


I’m glad you’ve found the perfect sitter!
Just double checking that it’s on purpose: your listing still says “reviewing application”. Is it because the Sept 10-22 dates are new, or because you haven’t confirmed your sitter in the system? Just making sure all is (really) confirmed as this sit starts in a week from today, and that the sitter has made travel arrangements and shared them with you, that you’ve exchanged phone numbers, etc.

I clicked on pause applications because I couldn’t figure out how to confirm…Is there a secret hiding place for it?
Thank you for reaching out!

I just asked the sitter to click confirm, again, thank you!

yes it looks good! Your listing is “currently not looking for sitter” so you should be all set :smiling_face:

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Yay! I have been happy with the 2 sits I had so far. The best advice I have is to do a zoom or facetime with nthem prior to the sit. Show them the housing situation so there are no surprises,let them see your pet in action all the while talking to see how the fit is. THEN go and feel comfortable with your choice.