Sitter confirmation

I communicated with a potential sitter a few times and everything seemed good. I sent her the sit confirmation 2 days ago but have not received her agreement. I have another offer so I’m confused on what to do. I don’t want to end up with no one.

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@landmjack can I just ask how long ago you talked and did you tell her at that time you were confirming? Just checking as if it were a while ago she may have thought you went a different direction.

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I recently had the same situation. I sent two reminders to the first sitter, heard nothing, and then the sitter withdrew their application. I was crushed, but fortunately had NOT paused the listing and very shortly got another sitter who confirmed immediately. You can interview and accept the second sitter and if they confirm you are all set. And if they don’t, perhaps the first one will. Or if yo0u sit is not paused, a third gem will apply.

Every time I’ve been offered a sit I get a notification from THS. It’s possible that this person has notifications turned off but to me it’s not a good sign that they are not checking their messages. Maybe send a follow up message?

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Do you have off-site contact information? If so I’d suggest calling / emailing in case it’s a notification or tech issue. If not, that means you haven’t spoken to the potential sitter and I’d be wary of relying on someone who you have only messaged and who isn’t responsive. My advice in that case would be to move on to another applicant and make sure you have a phone or video call to make sure you both get a good vibe and agree on next steps.


We’ve been offered two sits recently @landmjack but the confirmations didn’t come through at first and when they did, our acceptance didn’t log in the system so the HO had to send again. If you have their what’s app number then contact them to check they’re still interested and if you hear nothing in 24 hours then move on to your other sitter asap so you cover yourself and your pets. Hope it all works out :muscle:t3: