Sitter verbally confirmed but hasn't agreed on THS

I posted a listing 7 or 8 weeks ago, reviewed a few applicants and selected one with great reviews after doing a video call. She accepted immediately but never clicked accept on the platform. She sent a message 12 days ago asking for my flight information, which I promptly provided and then never circled back. 7 days ago, I sent a message, which has been read but for which no response has been received and all messages sent since then have been left unread. As my sit is in Hawaii (thus necessitating a plane ride) I do not want to leave this sitter in a lurch, but with less than a month until the time of the sit, I am concerned about her lack of responsiveness. Certainly, I am also concerned about her well-being (as this represents a sharp deviation from her previous level of communication). Am I being overly neurotic or is it acceptable to rescind the sit offer as she never confirmed and has not read (much less responded to) my email from two days ago giving her the weekend to confirm?

Yes you can rescind the offer @KatieK and it would seem wise after a lack of comms even before you’re on holiday. If it feels off then withdraw the offer and repost the sit asap and tell the sitter that her lack of communication has left you feeling uncertain about her commitment. #trustyourgut


I’d cancel the sit and find someone more responsive. What you describe are red flags. And I say that as a sitter.


Cancel and move on


Hi @KatieK
As you are concerned about her well being, ask Membership Services if they can contact her. MS should have an alternative contact no and her email address


@KatieK when I am actively involved in a sit confirming process, I am very attentive to my messages.

Once everything is settled/confirmed, the contact naturally goes quiet for a time until the sit draws near.

The sit is not actually confirmed it seems from your title, so you would need to decline the application at this point. You can decline with a brief note that says simply "I have decided to decline your application at this time, as the sudden lack of communication has changed my mind as a good fit. Good luck to you in your THS adventures. "

Your priority is to your pets and home.

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It sounds like the other party might be treating your place as a Plan B. I think after your video chat, if they didn’t confirm following your invitation, you should follow up the next day instead of waiting. Especially since she messaged you 12 days ago, you could have brought it up then.

My advice is to immediately look for another sitter. A responsible sitter, in my view, wouldn’t fail to reply to your messages for so long. The critical issue now isn’t whether the sitter is in a lurch, but perhaps you are? Do you still have enough time to find another sitter?