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Hello, I’m a HO newbie and would like some time frame advice. I had a Zoom call with a potential sitter on Friday, she said that she would discuss the sit when her husband when he returned on Sunday. I went ahead and confirmed the sit on my end on Friday since she said that she should be able to get back to me at the end of the weekend. I followed-up on Wednesday via personal email when I realized that my THS “great to meet you” message was unread.

If I don’t hear from her in a week, should I cancel my confirmation and move on to my next choice? I asked about her time frame in case she was waiting back to hear from a different host, but have not received any response.

I want make sure that I’m giving the potential sitter enough time, but communication is key in any case. From another forum post, I gathered that the other sitters receive notification that I’ve confirmed with someone else or is that only when the sitter accepts?

Thanks in advance!

Personally, I would be seeing red flags if that happened to me. She should have gotten back with you Monday and I think it does not show respect or responsibility on her behalf. I would unconfirm and find another. Just message her that since she didn’t respond you had to find another sitter.


Agree with @Peg. And I would be very honest in the message to her as to why you are cancelling.

I agree with Peg. A week is a very long time to wait for someone to respond.

Move on and chalk it up to experience. She’s waiting for a better offer.

Thanks, everyone! That’s the feeling that I had, but wanted to make sure that I wasn’t being impatient.

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Welcome to our community forum @Cybelle and you’ve already received great advice which has determined how you will manage this application sometimes we just need a little reassurance to help us listen to that “inner voice”

You will have made the right decision.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting and sharing with our community members.

Angela and the Team

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I always say in my applications “ if I do not hear from you within a week”, i will assume you have found your sitter. I Think it should work this for the owner to sitter as well. It is just common courtesy.

Thanks! Update: I canceled the sitter request, messaged my next choice, and she confirmed right away! Yay, very happy to have this wrapped up and I appreciate everyone’s feedback.