HO let me wait for accepting the sit

I found an awesome sit , a bit „last minute but thats fine for me. It starts in around 2 weeks.
I texted a bunch of people since our current sit is sadly coming to an end . So I also had other interviews.
The HO I had my first call with was super nice everything works , great location. I had the call with him yesterday and he said he would like to have me as a sitter but he does not accept my application. We wrote messages on whatsapp. And I said okay please just accept on THS so I can cancel all other interviews. I think he’s busy and a bit stressed , but our call was like 30 hours ago and I can not imagine it takes so long .
I found another lovely sit (a shorter one) and these people are also waiting for my answer and I don’t wanna let them wait for too long .

How long would you wait for the first HO to send an invitation before you say „okay sorry but I can’t wait anymore, so I have to cancel my application“ ?

Would it be possible to CALL and TALK to the first Owner?

Your situation is a bit unusual. I would call to clarify.


If it were me, I would take the second listing that is ready to complete plans.


If that is why, he should just accept. Especially when it is so soon.

It is more likely that he is considering other options. Teach them that indecisiveness has a price!


Agreed. If they are unresponsive and you have another confirmed offer and you are unable to reach the HO on alternative channels and you have already expressed the above to the HO, confirm the other sit and then just let the HO know. HO will learn a valuable lesson about the definition of done. …It’s not complete until it’s confirmed. I don’t say this to be petty or vindictive, just realistic especially since it sounds like you’ve done your best to communicate the urgency. X


Yup, I would accept the offer in hand and skip the laggard.

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Never wait, you would be very disappointed if you waited then he never confirms and you lose the one who is ready to accept. I’ve just been through this and finally enough was enough and cancelled my application, then picked up another better one. Never wait.

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Is he maybe older and a bit tech challenged? If not, I would just go with the second offer you have. He may have something changing with his travel plans, or may be interviewing other people, and you don’t want to risk losing a sit that is absolutely ready to accept you because he isn’t ready to commit yet.


Hi @timella
Always take the sit you have an offer for. Otherwise you could end up with no sits. That’s how I always work on THS. I’d then respond to the other HO and say sorry but I’ve now accepted another sit.


I’ve had a couple video chats where the pet parents stated they would like us to sit for them and would send the confirmation over. Then I get a rejection and whatever reason for them going with another sitter. I would write a message stating there is another pet parent who would like to have you sit and if the confirmation is not sent, then you’re accepting the other one.


Tough bunch here. Please let us know what happens!

Was the first Owner “just busy”? Or looking at other options?

Did you want the first Sit more than the second one?

Personally, I would have simply called the first Owner, especially if the first Sit seemed like the best fit for me.


He has bad connection. I texted him on Whatsapp multiple times . I think at this Pont after I stated that it’s urgent, he would have to call I also offered him my help if he doesn’t know how it works multiple times . At this point I feel like a desperate person texting the HO to invite me :sweat_smile: you know what I mean?

I will :smiling_face: thank you so much

Oh absolutely, I mean he’s new to THS but I told him he has to send and invitation and inhale another HO waiting for my answer. I also don’t wanna waste people’s time I would have an interview with you know ? And I’m like never petty or something, I just wanna have a sit tbh :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much . That’s the thing , I didn’t want to stress him out but I think it’s also not fair for the other HO that is ready to commit . Thank you so much .

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No he’s my age so I think it’s the other things you pointed out :smiling_face: Thank you so much for your advice

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Yes I also think , maybe it’s just not meant to be :relieved: What’s totally fine .
Thank you so much for your advice

Yes I sent him a message now , that if he doesn’t give me an answer in their next hours I have to cancel . Thanks for your answer :blush:

Well , I have a feeling he s liking for other options maybe . I mean he could have said that . He’s completely new to this website. But he said he’s at the countryside over the weekend and there is a problem with electricity and bad mobile connection.
We’re texting through whatsapp.

This sit would be way better bc it’s longer and in a big city . But the other shorter sit has also his sweet points and might be more of an adventure which I personally like.

You are going to end up with neither sit if you keep dragging it out. The other one may already be gone anyway. You have to make a decision.

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