Accepted a sit, no response to messages

I have accepted a sit which starts in 5 days, but am not getting any response from the homeowner. When I look at the listing, it says they are “reviewing applications”. Am i missing something?

@MsKate is the sit showing on your dashboard under the section”My upcoming House sits “ ?

Are you trying to contact HO through messages on THS ? Do you have alternative method of contact / phone numbers / WhatsApp- sometimes these are the quickest way to contact a HO as people don’t always receive a notification that they have a message in their THS inbox .

That is worrisome! After you accept the invitation to sit, the gost [sic] needs to accept it. They may not realize that. But that doesn’t explain the nonresponse. Did you receive their email address or phone number during the video call phase? If so I would contact them thru other means. Do you have their full name? Maybe track them down via Facebook or LinkedIn. (They may not pay attention to the TH messaging system.) I would be concerned. I hope someone else here will have more helpful suggestions. Crossing my fingers that all this will be sorted out.

I can’t tell from your post, did HO actually send the official invitation to sit and you confirmed it? It doesn’t sound like that process was completed. If one or the other of you didn’t take that final step then the sit is not actually confirmed. In that case, if you’ve tried to communicate and the owners are not responsive I’d think you’re safe to bow out. I’d hesitate to go forward with no communication, but that’s me.


If the sit is confirmed by both parties you would have received an email from THS congratulating you on being chosen for the sit. By now you should have had a further email reminding you the sit is due and to make sure you ask for the Welcome Guide.

If none of that has happened then unfortunately it sounds like you’re not confirmed.

Hi @MsKate the reviewing applications you are seeing is for a different set of dates in July. Your sit is confirmed, I have checked the pet parent/owners listing and you are the confirmed sitter.

This is an experienced owner having had at least 6 previous sitters, I’m sure she is used to the process and just hasn’t read your latest message. We have passed this to the Membership Services Team and perhaps send another message, which I’m sure she will read soon and ask for off site contact details … email and/or telephone so that you have another means of communication.

It’s a lovely looking sit, with great feedback, adorable pets and in a great location.

Do keep us updated,

Yes, that’s what I am thinking. They appear to travel a lot of weekends and they are “just busy” right now. I’m used to more communication, they may be more used to the process and okay with less.
I’m not as much a “regular” as most people on the forum, and it seems like the process and procedures (or maybe how they’re presented) is somewhat different than I remember- perhaps that’s what’s throwing me off.

@MsKate and @Angela_L I’m having the exact same situation but from the opposite side. My departure day is in 5 days. I’m a homeowner who confirmed a sitter in May, but now the sitter is not responding to messages. Today was supposed to be the in-person handover, but the sitter never responded to my repeated messages leading up to the meeting.

Hi @lilyripper welcome to our community forum, I have Direct Messaged you and forwarded your message to the Membership Services Team for help and support who I believe have reached out to you directly.

Please feel free to contact me via Direct Message if you need more information.

These messages from both @MsKate and @lilyripper only go to stress the need for timely and regular communication. Once an arrangement is confirmed it is advisable to share off site contact information so that there is more than one way of communicating.

While we may know in our own minds that all is well and that plans are all set to go ahead when contact arrangements have been put in place and not kept, for whatever reason, it is very concerning for the other party.

When I’m ready to commence a sit while I will have stayed in “light touch” communication throughout the time post confirmation, a few days out I will message, call or send a text to ask if there are any last minute changes or requests and end with “See you on X at X” it takes minutes and is reassuring for everyone.

We all get busy and distracted that’s life today but keeping in touch, especially when close to the sit start date, is essential for everyone.