Application Not Responded to - 9 Days!

I’m new to THS, but have had 4 great sits and a couple upcoming. I’m in the US and am now applying for sits in Europe. I’ve applied to one (9 days ago) that I’d LOVE to do, but the host has not responded. It’s in a highly desirable location and starts in 10 weeks and all applications filled within minutes. It has been “read” but nothing else.
She has an active account with 10 previous sits, all with great reviews.
I hate to pester and message again - what would you do?

This happens quite a lot. Some owners never reply at all. It’s up to you if you want to follow up, but if it was me I would just keep applying for other sits instead of trying too hard with one particular person.


Since it is far away and ticket prices only go up as the time gets nearer, I may also either mention that you would like to secure a ticket before they’re sold out or just withdraw if you don’t find out in time. Personally, I would need at least 2 months if not more to go to Europe due to flights and making plans for my own dog. I feel like they narrow the pool tremendously by not even letting you know when they’re planning to decide.

Our record is 8 months and counting!!!

We applied April 24 for a sit in the UK for December 13 - January 6. While our original application and follow up message were read, we NEVER got a response. We eventually withdrew our application and that unread message is 3 months and counting.

Never received a notification that another sitter was chosen.

The Home Owner had an earlier set of dates posted at the same time, but no review ever appeard, so concluding no sitter was confirmed.

We have followed up before and “gotten” the sit because we did follow up. They can only get 5 application, so it would hardly be a bother to get a note from you. Just make it short, sweet, and persuasive that you are the right person for their sit. It never hurt to ask. We have been back to that particular sit 4 times since then!

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I applied for one which was read but did not get any response from the HO for 3 months. Then he messages me a week in advance asking if I’m still available. No, I im not.

No harm in sending a follow up but after that follow up is sent, I’d just move on. No point in wasting your time if they’re not even giving you a response. X

Personally, I would sit it out and wait for them, or the automated system to respond.

In the words of Doris Day, ‘Que sera sera’

@CA_Denise It’s great when owners respond within the 72 hours that THS requires. However not all do .

Given that it’s a busy holiday time in Europe ( between Christmas and New Year ) I would probably give this HO the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are currently away on holiday or busy with family and friends .

If this is a sit that you really want, there’s no harm in sending a friendly message after the holidays ( Jan 2nd ) asking if they would like a video chat to discuss your application , encouraging them to look at your profile in the meantime and providing them with your contact number . ( We’ve been accepted for a couple of sits when used this approach)

Meanwhile, keep applying for other suitable sits.

Since it has been the holidays maybe give them another week, then send a message asking them when they will make a decision so you can make plans.

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@CA_Denise If its a sit you really want I would definitely send a follow up. In fact, in your shoes, I’d have already done that by about day 4 if I’d seen my application had been read.
We got two sits this way- following up and reconfirming our interest made us stand out and in both cases the hosts were happy to have a reason to choose us over any others!
You have nothing to lose. As it is -9 days is very long to not even receive an acknowledgement which I never like. Its disrespectful. If they don’t respond quickly to your follow up just move on. And if other good sits pop up meanwhile keep on applying!

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Probably echoing others. You can and should apply to multiple sits, including sits with overlapping dates. Your chance of getting any particular sit, especially when you are new is fairly low. Your chance of getting an overseas trip your first time out is probably lower. No reason to pester homeowners if they haven’t responded. You can withdraw your application or you can leave it there.

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I have one on my dashboard now that I applied to three weeks ago. Sometimes HOs don’t respond. I’m not sure why people post a listing if they aren’t ready to confirm a sitter, but they do. It would be great if THS added a response time measure like some other platforms do to encourage timely response from HOs.


I feel like 50% of my applications go unanswered. I am surprised when I get a timely respinse.

It is the slow deciders that trouble me. Recently I have had several homeowners tell me I look like a great match but they are waiting until January to do video calls. I pulled out of them when I accepted a sit for 3 weeks in Copenhagen. I guess people are still getting many qualified applications if they don’t see an urgency to book someone with experience in front of them now.

One host told me they would be in touch after the New Year to chat about my application for the month of May. I have since then told 3 others that I don’t know about my May availability yet. If I don’t hear from the May gig in the next few days I am moving on. There is an apt saying: A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.

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I applied for a sit a week ago, but my application was never read. I got an e-mail today to say that the dates have been withdrawn. How hard is it for the HO, to at the very least, just thank me for applying but say that the dates are no longer suitable for them, so the sit has been cancelled. It’s called manners, people, (HO,) or is that now one of those respectful things, that has now died, with most people!!