What is average wait time for response?

I’ve applied for several sits but haven’t heard back… listing says reviewing applications or mine is only one so far. What is normal time to wait for response? My last two responded quite quickly.

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Everyone is different so your question can’t really be answered. Your question has been discussed though on the forum if you search


Hi @Purplepatti

As @Smiley mentions, there are so many different variable, but do have a look at these threads which discuss your topic.


Hi @Purplepatti as @Smiley mentioned, this can vary greatly. We have had homeowners respond to our application within minutes and as long as 5 weeks.

The threads @Therese attached are definitely worth a read :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not sure of protocol but we applied for a sit quite awhile ago and haven’t heard (owner still reviewing apps). I even sent message to see if they are making a decision soon… since trip is starting in just over a week … it’s too late to arrange transportation. I sent message telling owner we are withdrawing our offer. I couldn’t find a place to “cancel”. Please advise… thank you!!

Hi @Purplepatti to withdraw your application

  1. Go to your Inbox and open your conversation with the pet parent you’ve applied to sit for
  2. Click on the tick icon next to the dates that you with to no longer apply for
  3. A message with pop asking if you’re sure you wish to cancel your application, click the ‘confirm’ button

I have also attached the link relating to this for you

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