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I applied for two sits, one was read, the other was not. I did not receive any type of message for the read one. My question is should I just forget this one or keep waiting for a response?


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Neither. Keep looking and applying. There is no need to wait or figure anything out.
When someone does respond that’s when you move forward to the next step which is usually guided by the HO.
Most want to “meet” you on a call or video chat, some will immediately invite or accept your invitation.
Just keep going, be patient.


As others said, continue applying in the mean time.
For us, communication is really important, so if the message is read and 5 days later still no answer, we usually withdraw our application.

Occasionally people said : "oh, sorry you withdrew, you were top of our list, we were going to contact you. "

Mmm, should’ve replied earlier then I guess… :wink:


Hi @LTSmith, this can be frustrating when you don’t get a response, but remember, there could be reasons no one knows about that are slowing their response in reading the applications. I do suggest you continue looking for other sits as you don’t know where those will take you. You may or may not get an answer back, so just keep searching. The right sit will come your way!

Good luck and happy sitting!

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I would leave the application not responded to, in case you get a response, but move on to others. Once you get a sit confirmed withdraw the one who hasn’t replied. Alternatively, as someone else here says, withdraw after a few days. Out of interest I did leave two sits I applied to but received no response to just to see how long it took to get a reply. One I left right up to the date it started but still no reply, so assume the sit never went ahead. The other eventually just cancelled me, after 4 weeks with no response. It’s rare that people are so discourteous and I’ve noticed this behaviour is happening less

It all depends on the owners, my personal experience has been mixed but more unread/ignored applications than acknowledged ones. I feel that is partly because I am new and only have 15 sits & only x1 international sit completed.
There is a new system in a test phase were sits are paused after 5 applications, so hopefully this will reduce the number of ignored/unread applications.
If you have your heart set on a destination & there are not many sits to apply for in that area it can be hard when you don’t hear back. My advise is the same as above, move on and apply for more sits.

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I just had a similar experience that left a bad taste in my mouth. Applied for a sit, message was read, no response after several days. Went to check and the number of applications had been increased then after about 1.5 weeks the sit was closed/booked. I have this sit on my favorites but should I just assume that they don’t think I am a good fit? I always respond to requests within 24hrs but this situation seems like more than they just forgot. Sigh.


Yes as a new sitter (on my 3rd sit) I seem to get a lot of applications just ignored. I just keep going looking for owners that at least respond, even if it’s a no this time.
Hopefully this new system will encourage HO’s to take action.

I really don’t understand owners that do this.

I recently applied for a sit, with no previous history of sitters, so I can only assume a new owner.
It was in Malaysia, so unless you are there, it requires a bit of planning.
Before applying I did my research, on flight times and prices, location, and what’s in the area…

It was due to start on 12th July, it would have cost me a couple of hundred $$ to get there. The application was 0-3.
Never read.
Still at 0-3 on the final day.

So did they cancel their travel plans, or did not get my application?
It seems a strange way to spend $100 THS membership.

Oh, still 0-3. I can see that even though sit is closed.


I don’t think it’s anything to do with the fact you’re new as they wouldn’t know until they read your application. Some people are just discourteous and make the excuse they haven’t had time to read/reply. However, I’d have thought getting your pets looked after while you’re on holiday should be a priority….We just have to move on knowing there are people who will reply and have the courtesy expected….

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Weird isn’t it @petermac, the same scenario has happened to me on several occasions.

Hello everyone!

I received two responses out of three applications! I have scheduled one virtual chat, and am in the process of scheduling the second. Too excited. Any tips on the virtual chat would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks a bunch,

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@LTSmith Congratulations on getting responses and now a virtual chat! This is great news. Are the sits in or out of town? As i told you earlier, I am from Chattanooga, so always interested in where folks get those first sits.

My tips would be to make sure you are ready with your own questions (lots of questions about the furbabies you will be sitting for), make sure your surroundings are neat and tidy and just be yourself! Your smiles in your pics are contagious and everyone loves that look of positivity.

Even if you don’t get one of these sits, just stay positive and know they will come. I didn’t get my first couple but after I did get a couple under my belt with great reviews, the invitations just keep coming. You will do great!

Make sure you keep us all posted on when/where you are sitting so we can follow your new journey! If you have ANY questions or concerns, you are welcome to reach out and either myself or one of the other team members…or other forum members, will be happy to answer them for you.

Have a great day!

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New!? Fifteen sits is still new?! I find that hard to believe.

First nice big slow breaths (seriously).
Be calm but smile a lot. You don’t want to appear giddy and over anxious.
Prepare by reviewing carefully their listing before the interview so are familiar with the known, the information already provided.
Think about what is important to you that you need to know about the pets, the home, their expectations and the area (access to grocery etc). Ask and talk about the animals (very important).
They will want to know about you so don’t be put off by anything they might ask and answer as best you can. You will get a feeling that will say yes or no. If something does ring no you can ask more questions if you like before making a decision.
Follow their lead, relax and be yourself.
Best wishes


@Valerie Please try not to be discouraged when owners don’t respond as you’d expect. Some may have valid reasons for their delay, whereas others unfortunately aren’t as considerate as most of us would like. We are a world full of a variety of people, and the THS world is not any different in that respect.

Many sitters will send a friendly reminder message, saying they’re still interested and asking if the owner would provide an update. You might want to try that approach.

The ‘closed’ may be that it’s paused, either by the owner directly, or due to the new trial system of pausing listings when they reach a certain number of applicants. It may not be truly closed or booked yet. Hence the reason a friendly follow-up message from a sitter is not out of line at all.

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Yep, I would say I am a novice compared to others haha Its 15 but I have some regulars so not 15 different homes/pets.

I wish there were some consequences for lack of responses completely.

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I applied a few days ago to a one night sit near me. 0-3 applications. The message was read right away but not response 3 days later ad the sit is in 4 days. There are still 0-3 applications. Frustrating

I have started doing this - message first then withdraw the application.

Hopefully, the owners will get the message, eventually.

The 2nd one has not even been read, 3 weeks after the start of the sit, and as far as I am aware, no one else applied.